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    Different Type of Flowers for Hand Bouquet

    No its not Valentine’s Day or some wedding planner but I just feel writing about flowers gives a positive energy and aura.  It’s widely accepted that flowers are massive mood changers. Even a single stem with a single blower blossom is enough to uplift one’s spirits.

    If you are thinking of giving a hand bouquet or maybe a flower and fruit basket to a loved one, a friend, or family, the best thing is to think of their favorite flower and make it stand out in your flower arrangement. However, if you do not know their favorite flower, the next best thing is to showcase one of the most beloved flowers that never fail to bring out smiles on the receivers’ faces. Do not hesitate to consult with your florist delivery Singapore about this, especially regarding the different meanings of flowers. However, to get you started, here are some suggestions for your flower center piece.


    Ah, this timeless expression of passion and love. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” This classic is enough to make anyone swoon—take if from dear Uncle Shakespeare. Put it in the center of your hand bouquet and you got yourself a sure winner. If you are not a fan of roses, though, peonies are also gorgeous substitutes.


    You can give lilies as an everyday gift or as something to commemorate a special occasion as it has an innocent quality to it, a kind of pure beauty. It can also be given as a coming-of-age, express flower gift for anyone celebrating their sweet 16, quincenera, and debut party, among others.


    Most people use roses to confess their sincere feelings of love, but tulips are supposed to be the go-to flowers when declaring one’s love as the meaning behind it is “declaration of love.” If you want to confess your love to someone, some tulips on your hand bouquet is a great way to start.


    Hydrangeas are beautiful clusters of small purple-violet blossoms that, when put together can make for a very eye-catching hand bouquet. They can also be great as bridesmaid hand bouquets, so if their color and style fit your wedding’s theme, you can discuss them with your florist Singapore as an option for your bridesmaids’ bouquets.


    Chrysanthemums emit the color of the sun. They can convey real happiness and a positive viewpoint. Having chrysanthemums as the center piece of your hand bouquet can immediately lighten the mood of the receiver. It’s great for home visits, hospital visits, or even just a random same day flower delivery to your loved one, wishing them a fantastic day with little to no hassle.


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    Choosing the Perfect Hand Bouquets for Your Wedding Entourage

    Weddings are a serious matter for most of the brides-to-be. Everything should be perfect not only for them, but for everyone involved as well. Of course, the most important are the special people who are part of their entourage. And they must not walk down the aisle empty handed. That’s why choosing the perfect flower arrangement of hand bouquet for each member of your entourage is an important aspect of your wedding planning—perhaps not that major, but still important. If you are looking for hand bouquet ideas, the few suggestions below can help you get started.

    Your Flower Girls

    Everything about flower girls is cute and fun to work around with—dress, headdress, and, of course, bouquets. You can totally be experimental about it. You can follow the pegs of popular hand bouquet styles such as the pomander, or you can go and think of an entirely different design. The latter is mostly because the theme of your wedding is unconventional or too unique to fit with popular style. Another well-loved option for flower girls is a flower and fruit basket. There’s so much you can do with this. You can ask online flower delivery singapore to place an actual flower arrangement in the basket. You can also opt for just flower heads or maybe just petals. Whatever you choose would still be charming.

    Your Bridesmaids

    Bridesmaids’ hand bouquets need more planning. They not only have to match the bridesmaid dresses, Wedding car decoration but the overall theme as well. Planning for your bridesmaids might be not as fun as your flower girls, but they sure do look worth it. Even though they must not outshine the bride, bridesmaids still need to be amazing and beautiful. After all, they are the ones paving the way for the bride. The popular hand bouquet styles for bridesmaids are nosegay and composite styles. However, you can always consult with your florist in Singapore about other trendy designs that can work with your bridesmaids’ look.

    Your Maid of Honor

    Most brides just let their maid of honor rock the same style as their bridesmaids. However, there are some who consider their maid of honor more than that and, therefore, insist that their style be different from the rest of her posse. You maid of honor can have a variation of all bridesmaid style in order to be distinct. It doesn’t have to be an extreme change—maybe just a different shade for her gown, a different hairstyle, and different hand bouquet style. Ask your online florist or flower online Singapore vendor to tweak her bouquet to make it stand out from the rest.


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    Music Stores

    Just some information here some sort of updates.  If you love music and plays guitar, there is a music stores san francisco where you can go to check out different type of guitar. I love the sound of guitar but I can only ukulele at the moment with basic and simple song.

    The Ukulele Set


    The accessories


    I will be heading to my ukulele lesson again. Once i am ready.. will be purchasing this baby online.  Oh cant wait! another therapy for the soul.