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    How To Shift Your Emotions

    I  was looking through www.musiciansfriend.com website to get information and updates on new music instrument, while listening to music, it was ‘Happy’ by Pharrel Williams.  The music bring me back to the cinema, imagining the big screen, smelling and eating popcorn, i hear laughter and sees my family with me, really makes my day.  Wow! music is really powerful, it anchor our emotions and feelings…it bring us back to the important memories that we keep in our mind.

    Let me remind or refresh you how happy Gru was in Depicable Me 2 when he falls in love and was on ‘cloud nine’.  He was indeed so happy, excited and so deeply in love.

    But can we really be happy instantly by listening to music or songs?  There are possibility but there are few steps you need to take before you can be happy.

    Depending on what mood you are in right now.  As human, we tend to listen to music or songs that are related to our emotions, for example, you are having a relationship problems and you are in a confusion state of mind, i bet listening to ‘happy’ makes you more sad and angry.



    Don’t tell to my face.. ‘relax’ or ‘don’t get angry’ when i am angry.  Leave me alone, let me digest this feeling.. why am i angry and what trigger this emotions.   Being angry is not a sin, its part of our feelings but its important to learn to control your anger.  Don’t forget to breath deeply and do not log in into any social media as you will tend to express your anger in public.





    Be like this smart and intelligent young lady, Taylor Swift.  Write down your feelings, for her not only she feels better but she makes money out of it.  She produce great song from bad experiences..well, most artist does.


    I don’t keep grudge that’s why if someone really pissed me off .. i get to the person ask what happened until i satisfied with the reason then i slowly … slowly .. forgive but will not forget, because a lesson should not be forgotten.  Once you feel calm and relax, you can ask or share your feelings with the person or someone else who can help you go through the situation.

    Please make sure you sharing to the right person and communicate face to face or by calling.  Avoid using text, this will create miscommunication.  Sharing to the wrong or busybody friends will get you into trouble, you don’t want any story or text become a viral sensation…do you?


    You can choose to stay angry or shift to different mood.  You can tell the world how sad your life is, how pathetic or sucks your life is or change!

    Be emotional intelligent, you know what you capable of, how strong you are and how great you are.






    Don’t compare yourself with other people.  Be yourself and be happy!  Yes ..no doubt we all have haters but there are people who loves and admire us.  Forget haters, they hates you because they actually wanted to be like you and that’s for sure.


    When you feel sad, don’t listen to much of romantic sad songs or heavy metal that lead you head banging.  There is nothing wrong with what music you want to listen as long as it helps heals your pain and calm your mind.. go for it!  I still recommend #pharrelwilliams #happy song.


    There is another song that really can makes your ego grow a little wild and gives your confident a boost if you are a woman.  I assure you, when you listen to this song, you will feel like walking in front of the jerks and just walk.. Thank you Tom Jones for this awesome sexy song.

    I hope you enjoy reading my simple tips and personal opinion.  Have a great weekend!


    Shirley a.k.a beautiza

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    How Children Learn through Art

    According to Additute magazine, art therapy is a process of drawing and painting that helps to improve the wellbeing of children.  It is explained that through art, children can express themselves, which helps to address emotional and behavioral problem, as well as stress.

    I was reading HerWorld, issue Oct 2014 and i came across an interesting topic regarding Arts for children.  Ms. Leong Min See, a creative arts therapist and trainer, shares four ways parents scan help their children through art.

    As much as my children loves arts, Ms. Leong suggestions on the art activities open my mind more.  This is what we can do for different needs.



    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s learning abilities in reading, writing and concentration.  For example, ask the child to draw the family or a park, and then write a few sentences or a composition related to it.



    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s emotional intelligence (EQ), including managing different emotions and problem solving.  For example, ask the child to use a paper plate to make masks with different emotions, e.g. wear the angry mask, talk about angry feelings and how to cope with it.





    Parents can design an arts activity to enhance the child’s communication, interpersonal and empathic skills.  For example, parents can use picture books to talk about friendship.  Then, ask the child to draw out what happens in different situations, e.g. draw a scene of what you can do if your friend asks you to do something that will annoy you.  After that, role play with the child.  This will teach the child how to cope with bullying.




    Parents can design an arts activity to allow the child to express herself  fully.  For example, let the child draw or color whatever comes to her mind.  You could also ask her to close her eyes and scribble, then open them, look at the scribble, add lines, circles and whatever shapes she likes, and make it into a drawing.  then, talk about the drawing.  The child can also use play dough to make art work and talk about it.

    My kids loves arts and i love it when they do arts but i don’t really like the mess after the art finish.  I might need to gives rules on cleaning after art.  Meanwhile i will follow the tips given .. i can’t wait to start.  I hope you enjoy your art time with your children.

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    Why We Need Criticism

    Nobody like to be criticized and told they are wrong.  Most prefer to be praised for everything we do and if they did mentioned it,  at least a pat on the back means a lot to someone.  Unfortunately, we are not perfect and not everyone can give you a good comments or suggestions.   Some people can be very direct to the point and criticism.

    “Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop.”


    [New Statesman interview, 7 January 1939]”
    Winston Churchill
    Dealing with criticism
    Criticism are hard to swallow, even myself find it difficult to accept critics given to me by others. Some criticism are destructive and some are constructive.  Some people are natural critics and cynical type of person, they don’t care if they hurt your feeling or not, they just say what they feel not how you feel.
    Accept criticism as a from of feedback by others in order to improve ourselves.  We all learn from mistakes and constructive critics may help in many ways.  Learn to analyze criticism, don’t swallow everything, as too much criticism can kill a soul.
    Be Positive
    Be positive in taking criticism, just consider it as an opinion and if you feel its acceptable then learn from it.  Sometimes critics can’t tell you in a good way but they meant to help you.  Criticism can help you discover your weaknesses and open door for improvement.
    I remember selling my handmade earrings and bracelets, some say it nice yet some sees it as too plain and simple.  I focus on the word ‘plain and simple’ more than the word ‘nice’.  Looking at my creation .. it is look nice but i agree it look plain and simple, instead of feeling upset i begin to learn how to do earrings and bracelets.  I invested money in buying beads and new tools online.
    Magazines and website selling accessories inspired me to try and create different designs.  After many trial and errors, i manage to create few new design but i have problem duplicating if the design is complicated so it become a ‘special edition‘.
    Accept the Challenge
    Critics can put you feel down and angry at times, sometimes when you are criticized, you might react in disagreement especially if you feel its not fair.  Stay calm and walk away.  The best way to handle criticism if you feel that is not right, challenge the critics.  There are always opportunity somewhere, go an learn and prove the critics wrong.
    Instead of accepting that you are in capable in something, search of what you are good at and keep on learning.  The next thing you know you be thankful to the critics.
    Be Open Minded

    Be open mind about criticism.  Criticism make you aware of your weaknesses and it helps to discover your strength.    We assume critics as bad people but if you be open mind about it, they are just telling the truth.   The truth can be painful sometimes and most of the time you don’t see your weaknesses until someone point it out to you.

    When you are criticized, don’t take it personally but take it seriously.   In life, we need both negative and positive feedback in order to learn.  Don’t expect praise too much as sometimes  it can be fake and don’t ignore criticism because it will help you grow.

    Nobody is perfect as we are all learning and the journey of learning is to understand why, who, how, when, what and where.  Whenever you receive criticism, ask yourself the 5W1H questions and start giving your answer in what you can do to improve.
    If someone give you a criticism, give the person a smile, say thank you and walk away.