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    Rising up to a beautiful day and breath!

    How do you start your day does have an impact for the whole day through. We all start our day thinking what to do..where to go and worrying if things doesn’t go on plan.  We forgotten to be thankful and feel bless for another day we are still breathing.

    Having an attitude of gratitude helps to motivate ourselves.  To be more aware and alert in handling any difficult situations. I would definitely have my morning coffee as my routine.

    There will be no promises that you will have a great day as much as we wanted to and sometimes something unpleasant happened and we have no choice but to face it.

    When we faced with problems, our emotions mixed up.  Being upset, angry, sad are not bad at all, its part of our emotions but we need to be able to control our emotions.

    Day will turn into night, problem unsolved will remain unsolved but there is time to rest.  Rest your mind, body and soul.  Recharge for another day.

    Be thankful you have learnt something that day, able to meet night time and another night to sleep.

    Dream if you may, dream for better day tomorrow, dream for good things to come your way.

    Have a great day ahead!


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    What Nature Taught Me

    There are many things we experience even within a year. I learnt few valuable lesson..throughout the years. As we were taught to be kind, love and caring towards one another, there are times we need to becareful for not being too kind. I believe I have been too nice sometimes and when I show Im upset or angry, seems people makes a fuss about it. The thing is I am human and I dont really have a reputation to keep.

    #Dont get too involved

    Sometimes we feel the need to help friends and letting ourselves to be ‘the middleman’  in any project.  If the proposal not done by you..don’t be involved! especially when two parties are you friends..let them deal and settle. Stay out of the way. If they kill each another maybe you may call as a witness but at least you survive.

    #Dont be too concerned

    You may see or observe something that may help your friend in his/her business. You may want to tell him/her on what you think but before you want to say anything, may I suggest ‘not to say anything’ at all..unless this friend of yours ask for suggestion or opinion. Do not show your concern because it does not sound as a concern to your friend but more as a ‘kepoh’ or trying to criticize him or her.

    #Dont be too friendly

    Not many people understand you. Different people act differently on friendship. To me having male or female friends are equally important because I look for quality of a person.

    #The judgemental

    People may judge us in different way, read  and perceive on how we act upon them. The problem is we tend to judge and perceive people wrong most of the time. We may try to be nice but looks like we wanted something from them.

    #Start being nice to yourself

    With all these happening, I feel its time to just stop being too nice to other people and start to be nice to myself. I need to forgive myself, letting my anger free and be thankful for the experiences i gone through.

    #Keep it simple

    Life demands so many things from us and we somehow want to be part of society so we act or want to be like them. We buy things that are not necessary and forgotten the reason to live.

    #Time to reflect

    The only way to do this is to go far out from the city.  I love to get back to my childhood memory because its where my dream startef, there where I find my joy and peace. My inner child seems to be alive when I smell the sea, trees, watching the birds fly..it feels as it was just like yesterday when I was in my childhood days. As if my grandparents were with me protecting me when I fell and hurt my hand. Its a beautiful childhood memory.

    Get in touch with the nature, be bored doing nothing and just listen the surroundings. The nature gives great advice if you listen.

    #The nature taught me

    When I stop my mind from wandering and feel the moment. As I listen to the sound of waves that tell me to be brave as the feel of breeze comforts me.  The sun shine above me touches my skin as it given me permission to cry and let go of my emotions. And at night I feel like the moon gives me blessing to do what my heart desire. Its beautiful to be in the moment.

    Its just a great way to start another year, another chapter of our story and more lesson to learn.

    Enjoy this video I made during my stay in a place call 9Huts in Kudat.

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    The Destination!

    My family had planned for a trip to Labuan to celebrate New Year.  My elder sister bought us ticket for our vehicles to board on the ferry from Menumbok/Labuan/Menumbok during Christmas.  We are all eager for this trip, our children were super excited.. its going to be a two days trip and we had booked a Villa with a swimming pool in front of it.   We planned to go on the 30th December 2015 until 1 January 2016.


    Two days before our family vacation, i was at my office when my nephew called me around 8.30 am..   ‘mumyley! where are you?  i sense something was terribly wrong.. from his intonation and voice.. “the office, kenapa?” i asked him.  “Bapa accident!” referring to his grandpa (my dad).  I drove from my office to check on them and trying to keep calm while driving.  Upon reaching i am glad to see my dad and nephew was unhurt even though the car was damaged.   The accident has made everyone worried but we were so thankful that my dad and nephew was unhurt. At that same time, mum was not well, she had leg cramp.


    A day before our family vacation, my brother text message me that we might postponed our trip to the day after or cancelled everything because our grand aunt passed away on that day.  Oh! what a misery this have been.  I just don’t know what to do.. i just leave it to my parents to decide.  My mum called “your dad and brother will pay the last respect today.. and our trip tomorrow is still on”  Aaah seriously..that’s my mum talking .. awesome! Earlier mum and dad was at the chinese traditional massage .. in hoping that she recover from the leg cramp (even i asked her to go to clinic..they insisted their traditional way of getting better).


    As i was wanted to go to bed after getting my kids packed their bags for the trip, my brother text message me saying… ‘another problem.. mum can’t walk.. need to go to clinic early tomorrow morning‘ it was already around 11 pm. I suggested that he bring mum to any 24 clinic.. she might get an injection.  I went to bed without getting my things ready.. i just sleep.. not knowing what will happened next.


    My husband woke me up around 5 am and there i was not knowing  what to do.. is the trip still on or cancelled.  Called my brother “how is mum? without asking about the trip.  “She is ready to go! we all ready!”… “aaah! what do you mean ready?  “ok sudah mum after i bring her to the clinic last night”.

    The long waiting days has come to an end.  After the test and trial, our family trip is on and we were moving to our destination.  Four hours drive… two hours by ferry… we reached our destination safely. Even though its not a happy ending, as my nephew was admitted to hospital that night we arrived due to fever.

    But just like what we needed.. a nice villa where all our family can stay together for two nights and a big swimming pool for our kids to swim and enjoy themselves.


    Life is like that too, we plan everything on where and what we want but somehow we have to go though many trials in life.. but if we persevere.. we will achieve anything.   Lets start our new year with wonderful affirmation, beautiful visual and share loves and spread your kindness to others.

    May you reach your destination !