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    Stop Asking And Start Living

    There are times i feel unfairness in some personal issues and the more i look at it, the picture bigger and clearer the picture are.  Why me? i asked in my prayer but i never get any answer.    I struggle with negative emotions,  nothing is good, nothing i fine and i still wonder why.


    Everything happened for a reason, and i am still thinking what the reason may be.  I keep on asking questions but never get any answer so i decided to stop asking and questioning.   Life is too short to wonder all the time, life worth enjoying and living.   We don’t need to know what the reason is and why it is happening but what we need to know is how to handle the situation.  I believe in every difficulties there are opportunities.


    Why ask? perhaps God gives us the opportunity to understand our strength and weaknesses, allowing us to  improve ourselves.  So if you facing difficulties, don’t ask much but handle your situation with care because that is how we learn to live.

    Wishing you all the best :lol:

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    Glue on Glee

    I love watching Glee .. even though i did not follow the series but i watch whenever i have the opportunity to do so. Glee is full of emotions.. imagining myself back when i was a teenager.. yup.. life as a teenagers.. there are rejections, sadness, love, happy, surprises, fun, crazy, wild and full of laughter.

    The different characteristic in the cast are great.. and it proves that physical appearance does not matter and music does bring people together. Music plays important role, singing and dancing is the great way in expressing your emotions. Oh..i just love it when they dance.. especially if they do music that i loves.. and the choreography are just superb.

    Nowadays, my husband and I, are just glue on glee, this musical comedy series are just great, no wonder they receive so many trophies and awards, it’s quite an achievements.

    If you can express it through words.. sing it out loud!


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    I Fell In Love With Kandasamy

    Honestly i never like to watch Tamil movie…its just full of fighting bang bang…( the sound effect on the fighting scene are just too much) and the love story were just predictable.. (give me more thrill)..   As far as i remember…I never finish watching any Tamil movie with my hubby… until last night..its like i was glued on my seat.

    I did not watched from the beginning..but guess what.. my husband was too sleepy to wait for the ending.. i did.. for the very first time i saw a Tamil movie that is totally different from what i have seen before.. just too good not to watch till the end.. and i want to watch it again..this time from the very beginning.

    I love everything about this movie..the story are interesting.. there is twist in it.. there is action .. with minimum sound effect.. i love the scene in Mexico ..when the Hero blindfolded fighting with bad guys… and added with humor in few scenes.

    Vikram are so handsome with his macho looks.. he looks so cool.. i could imagine him relaxing while smoking  fuente cigars… while beautiful .. and sexy Shriya did her role very well.. bitchy.. and lovely at the same time.. i like!

    Vikram and Shriya just look stunning together….

    I love all the songs in this movie.. especially this one.. i even sing with it.. enjoy!

    Oh ya.. if you watched any movie and you love it.. please let me know.. i don’t want to miss out any great movies!