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    New School

    I have transferred my children from a private mandarin school to a normal government school.. why? Because my children doesn’t want to learn mandarin anymore, can’t blame them.. it is so stressful to see them doing their homework, I can imagine how they go through the learning everyday in the class.  As much as I want them to continue in that school, I can’t force them either.

    They seems so happy in the new school but everything so different, cannot compare because everything is so different, from the environment, the subjects, the syllabus, discipline …everything.. even the uniforms.  The first time we go to the new school, most children look at my son like he was an alien.. no wonder because my son was wearing short pants while over there all boys wearing long pants.  The sports attire in the previous school was tshirt and short pants while in the new school they need to wear tracksuits.  Tell me about fashion, why can’t they just wear tailored sportsman breeches, look nicer don’t you think?

    Well whatever it is, as long as my children can adapt and happy with the new school environment, I and my husband support whatever they decision in what they want to learn.  As long as they love to learn, we are fine with it.  I just hope they can settle in calmly and make new good friends.

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    Time To Be On Her Own

    My earlier post I was talking about redecorating my house, starting with the living room.  Now my daughter is willing to sleep on her own with few conditions.  My daughter are a very smart girl.. I can’t get her do what I want her to do just like that, she will come out with her own laws and conditions.  I am guessing she follow my footsteps, I remember doing the same thing before.. hehehe.

    She willing to sleep on her own in her own room  if the room will be painted pink, change the bed sheet to Barbie print, she need racks to put her toys and books and she even wants me to buy cushions for her small sofa.

    I can imagine something like this….

    and this…  (picture from http://www.hgtv.com)

    Well I hope she will keep her promises although its feels too much but it really do sound like fun.

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    A Bedroom for My Girl

    It is now the month of August, more than half a year and not to soon its going to be end of the year. Have you achieved your goal or still in the process or forgotten about it? Or probably you have another goal or choices that are more important than that. Whatever it is you wanted this year, you still have another four months to get it if your aim it that way.

    This is how she would imagine her room will be 🙂


    I have set a goal for my family..simple but still need planning and financial.. that is to transform our little study room to a bedroom for my little girl. She will be 7 years old next year and she eager to have a room of her own. For a start she wants her room pink and purple, which i think really suitable for her. Gladly the room only have small glass panel so i don’t have to buy any curtain or window swags. The only thing we need is to paint the room, get rid of the sofa bed, computer table and book shelf.

    Planning and doing my ‘to do’ list for that and aiming to get her room ready by end of the year. Need to buy few things to make her happy and ready to sleep on her own.