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A Note From CM

I can imagine how you react when you see the title post, ‘note from cm‘? how weird eh.  Well it happened few months back, i was at home in the evening trying to ask them to settle, take shower, ready books for tomorrow, bla bla bla but still nothing happened.  I tried again, this timeContinue Reading “A Note From CM”

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If i die….?

My children stayed overnight with their grandparents in a big house, bigger than ours of course and more space to play.  Since my parents are here, i thought its good to let them enjoy their holiday with their grandparents and forget about school, study, games, tv and just follow their grandparent’s adventure.  After first orContinue Reading “If i die….?”

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Not a Perfect Mother

 Being a mother never being easy but i enjoy every moment of it.    There were times i feel lost and depress when things don’t seems to be right.  But after trial and error, i managed to understand how its done.  I managed to play my responsibility as a strict (okay no too strict), smart (withContinue Reading “Not a Perfect Mother”