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    The Destination!

    My family had planned for a trip to Labuan to celebrate New Year.  My elder sister bought us ticket for our vehicles to board on the ferry from Menumbok/Labuan/Menumbok during Christmas.  We are all eager for this trip, our children were super excited.. its going to be a two days trip and we had booked a Villa with a swimming pool in front of it.   We planned to go on the 30th December 2015 until 1 January 2016.


    Two days before our family vacation, i was at my office when my nephew called me around 8.30 am..   ‘mumyley! where are you?  i sense something was terribly wrong.. from his intonation and voice.. “the office, kenapa?” i asked him.  “Bapa accident!” referring to his grandpa (my dad).  I drove from my office to check on them and trying to keep calm while driving.  Upon reaching i am glad to see my dad and nephew was unhurt even though the car was damaged.   The accident has made everyone worried but we were so thankful that my dad and nephew was unhurt. At that same time, mum was not well, she had leg cramp.


    A day before our family vacation, my brother text message me that we might postponed our trip to the day after or cancelled everything because our grand aunt passed away on that day.  Oh! what a misery this have been.  I just don’t know what to do.. i just leave it to my parents to decide.  My mum called “your dad and brother will pay the last respect today.. and our trip tomorrow is still on”  Aaah seriously..that’s my mum talking .. awesome! Earlier mum and dad was at the chinese traditional massage .. in hoping that she recover from the leg cramp (even i asked her to go to clinic..they insisted their traditional way of getting better).


    As i was wanted to go to bed after getting my kids packed their bags for the trip, my brother text message me saying… ‘another problem.. mum can’t walk.. need to go to clinic early tomorrow morning‘ it was already around 11 pm. I suggested that he bring mum to any 24 clinic.. she might get an injection.  I went to bed without getting my things ready.. i just sleep.. not knowing what will happened next.


    My husband woke me up around 5 am and there i was not knowing  what to do.. is the trip still on or cancelled.  Called my brother “how is mum? without asking about the trip.  “She is ready to go! we all ready!”… “aaah! what do you mean ready?  “ok sudah mum after i bring her to the clinic last night”.

    The long waiting days has come to an end.  After the test and trial, our family trip is on and we were moving to our destination.  Four hours drive… two hours by ferry… we reached our destination safely. Even though its not a happy ending, as my nephew was admitted to hospital that night we arrived due to fever.

    But just like what we needed.. a nice villa where all our family can stay together for two nights and a big swimming pool for our kids to swim and enjoy themselves.


    Life is like that too, we plan everything on where and what we want but somehow we have to go though many trials in life.. but if we persevere.. we will achieve anything.   Lets start our new year with wonderful affirmation, beautiful visual and share loves and spread your kindness to others.

    May you reach your destination !


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    Journey with Trekfinder

    Have you visit Sabah or would you like to visit Sabah?  Sabah is also known as Borneo.. and ‘Land Below the Wind.  More about Sabah click HERE.

    I would love to welcome you to Sabah!  I am sure you wonder..where is Sabah and how to get here..  no worries, i will help you set you foot here.. you can even plan where you want to go, TREKFINDER will help you trek interesting places.  Just check out this TREKFINDER TOURS website.

    I will let you get you updated if they installed document management software, that will be easier for clients to get more information on their services and tours.

    Sabah is a place where you can find almost anything, depending what type of person you are.. adventurous, love ocean or food crazy.  Have you ever heard of Mt.Kinabalu? Imagine you conquered Mt.Kinabalu and feel the coldness, watching the beautiful scenery at early dawn from the top of the mountain… Proud! Excited!.. all the wonderful feeling once you’ve conquered the mountain.  Yes.. you don’t have to wish it come true.. you can make it come true.. now you know how to get there.

    Challenge yourself.. start the unforgettable journey.



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    Trip to Kipandi Butterfly Park

    I have prepared a mind map for my family.. only a brief one .. it will be my guide for our monthly activities for my family, my children especially. I want them to enjoy life.. make appreciate life and teaching them of life balance from the early age.

    In a month they will have visits to library, jog in a park, stay over at their grandparents, visit relatives, play games or lunch/dinner in a shopping mall.. and ‘Surprise Trip’ a trip to a new place… I make sure i arrange something to make them looking forward for something new.

    We just started this ‘ surprise trip’ this year..it doesn’t mean its an expensive or a far destination… it can be a new park or to the wet market .. surprise!.. ‘hey look at the crabs’!.. ‘mummy! That is a big fish’…

    Our first trip was to Perdana Park, a new recreational park that just officially opened..  and we will sure go there again… and just last week we went all the way to Kipandi Park.   I only knew about this from the Sabah Tourism’s website.. I don’t even know Sabah have our own Butterfly Park besides the one in Hot Spring. It was an enjoyable experience.. and we took lots of pictures.. We just love to see the pictures.. from pc to tv cables .. it is indeed interesting to watched your family on tv rather then from the camera nor the pc… more bigger, clearer and fun.

    Sharing with you few pictures..



    Break your routine once in awhile and create a new adventure.

    Have fun on your ‘Surprise Trip’