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    Magic Brass Bangles From Tamu

    Last Friday i had the opportunity to have a walk and did our shopping at Tamu Donggongon, this tamu (local street market) which open only on Thursday and Friday every week.

    My favourite spot will be right in the middle of the tamu ground where I can get find some local handicraft.  The place where you can get traditional accessories, beads, locally made brass bangles and traditional costumes.



    As i was looking and thinking what to buy, there was another girl who was busy looking for different patterns and design of bracelets.  Soon after, we were both searching, discussing on design we saw.  As i mentioned to her i need to get something not too trendy and  .   While we were busy looking at the design “itu design tidak penting, yang penting ngam dalam hati..be yourself!(the design is not important, what important is its suits you) the young man who own the booth came interrupting our conversation.  “Mana boleh cakap tua, mesti mau positif bah”(you have to be positive and cannot say old) he continued.

    I did not expect that advice came from a young man but I am thankful for the simple reminder.  I bought two piece of brass bangles which according to him will help improve our health, easing the pain of arthritis, improve the condition and appearance of skin.

    With the advice he gave, now these bangles are more meaningful and magical, because whenever i wear these bangles, i will remember his advice and feeling there is a highest potential in me.

    Sometimes we get simple reminder and advice by anyone and sometimes stranger. It happened at any place and any time but be open to it, sometimes it can be harsh but sincere.

    Be thankful for it, advice, critics, these are all words that can either builds us up or break us down.  Be smart!




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    Escape From The City!

    It was Kaamatan holiday, rather than visiting the KadazanDusun Cultural Center, we decided to get away from the city. Hubby had already booked a place in Kudat, why Kudat? we fallen in love with Kudat. Don’t know what to expect, we packed our bags and had the 3 hours drive.

    Upon reaching, it really feels like home and to me ..its down memory lane, my childhood environment.  Except for the sea, everything is the kampung environment I use to stay.


    The place is call 9 Huts on a Hill, you can  check the availability of room, price or any details you need to know.

    Its a place to relax and have the quality time with the family so.. this really means quality time.. with no television!


    We are all busy with our daily routine, our jobs and responsibilities.  We starts early morning and at the end of the day, we are all tired.  What I love most about this place is this Eagle Yoga Platform.  It is situated facing the beautiful sea and looking at the blue sky,

    While you do your yoga in the morning, you can feel the warm sun touching your skin and the feel of breeze as you stretch.  As you lie down taking your deep breath, you will hear the sound of the sea waves.. it is so relaxing.

    Eagle Yoga Platform


    You are free to have a walk, cycle, work out at the gym or feed the animals (they have chicken, ducks and goose at the moment).  We forgotten to take picture as we really had fun exploring the place.


    Path to the sea

    This path will lead you to the sea.  You can go to the sea any time you want.. well except for when  storm and rain.  Morning will be the best time to go to the sea and even swim.  I love the view at night, as you can see people with flashlight looking for crab.

    9 Huts on a Hill located in Bak Bak Kudat are so near to the Peak of Borneo and 15 minute drives to Pekan Kudat.  It is still a new place and there are a restaurant under construction.

    So if you are thinking to get away from the hustle and bustle from the city or just need time to relax, I recommend you this place is the great place to do so.  Plan, set your date and go! Till then, have a great escape!

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    First Family Trip 2016

    Our family goal this year is to go for a family trip around our beautiful Sabah. During the Chinese New Year holiday we decided to go to Kudat.   We have been to Simpang Mengayau, Kudat, so we thought we don’t have to visit or stay there this time.  My husband saw a nice resort from the website and booked for a night. He booked at North Borneo Biostation, Kudat.

    Having no idea what to expect..we just packed and go!  Driving from to Kudat took 3 hours, on the was raining and certain part was hot sunny day.   We reached our destination around 2.30pm and it was another 10-15 minute after Simpang Mengayau.  It was indeed a nice place with only 20 resorts and it suitable for custom shop Hawaiian style as the environment and weather is similar.

    The Resort

    Our dinner for that night at The North Borneo Biostation’s Restaurant..

    food kudat


    The best thing about this place is that you can spend time quality time with your family… why? because there are no TV!  So you can do pretty much of everything…talk! talk! talk!

    No TV ..can makes you a little bit silly
    No TV ..can makes you a little bit silly

    We had our walk in the morning… it was beautiful!

    The Lagoon
    The Lagoon
    beautiful scenery
    beautiful scenery

    There are a few activities in this resort but we were unfortunate because during our stay, it was a rough seas and the waves were quite high.

    activity 1activity 2


    That was our first family trip for this year and hoping for new different trip soon.  Till our next family trip, have a wonderful weeks ahead.