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    My Only Hari Raya Visit

    What a Hari Raya this year.. hubby got to work.. i am all alone with kids..its being 4 days being fully housewife.. haha.. tired, fun, interesting at the same time.. try to do practical on  my theory on how to handle kids…. few tips succeed but need to try again..again..and again… but need to change the tactic or else they will know its just a trick.. phew.. anyway… what else a mother could asked for now… is rest!

    The only house i managed to visit this year is at Anies… another blogger who became my friend.. ..my children were excited.. going for Hari Raya.. Chrissa wanted to wear her punjab suit.. sempat ambil gambar before going..hehe.

    IMG_1510 IMG_1514

    Its easy to find her house.. after going up and down the hill.. ..situated at a peaceful place…. can still feel the kampung.. nice.. if i have a las vegas deals for sure i build my house as soon as possible.. haha there i go with my daydreaming again.   That what i called a home sweet home..i personally like the house design.. simple, cosy..  have the warm welcome.. not only the house but the garden.. it is so inviting..great job Anies and hubby!

    We had great time visiting Anies and family… thanks guys… well my kids were enjoying themselves…. after spending hour there..we visited CTMall.. as usual Sean and Chrissa wants to buy books in Popular.


    Anies and Shirley in action…hehe.

    IMG_1518 The girls.. another girl not in the pic.. and sean..busy playing…

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    2nd Anniversary..as a Blogger

    I started blogging since September 2007… this year will be my 2nd year of being a blogger… still new.. and need to learn more..need more traffice.    I am sure i have written about this on my 1st year anniversary as a blogger..hehe.. well i love talking about it again and again…no harm.  It was so funny when i remember.. myself introducing myself to other bloggers.. just say ‘hi, nice blog’.. hahaha.. and blog hop everytime i had the chance.  I have limited time to bloghop nowadays.. but i try my best to say ‘hi’ to other bloggers..without them.. we are no blogger..we need each other.

    I am proud to be a blogger..not only i get extra money but also met bloggers whom are now my friends… interesting.  The best part is.. i am able to express my ideas and sharing tips with others.  I am forever thankful to my best friend’s Husband who introduced me to this wonderful world of blogging…he is the first one to give comment..hehe.

    Even though i have two blogs but i can only maintain 1 blog at the moment.. the other one still hanging tough..haha.. haven’t had much time to fashion right now.  I seen bloggers who have more than 2 blogs, others 5-10 blogs.. wow!.. how did they do that? they must have time doing the writing.. and so many things in their head.. so many ideas.. wow! to these bloggers.. salute to them.

    Having a blog is a ‘must’ in this era.. its  like having a personal diary or a journal.. and whatever we write right now..at this moment.. will be history in the future..and yet you can see how far did you go.. how much did you write.. and maybe..’damn why did i wrote that?’… lol… anything can happened.

    Blogging is not just about being personal, nowadays.. it become a trend and also business…they have tips about parenting, motherhood, fashion, personal development,  financial planning, IT related.. so many.. its all about sharing information..  if you needed term life insurance you can just check online and some blogger give their tips on that area too.

    As for now.. i am enjoying myself… i usually sketch, sketch, sketch… i still do that..but not as often as before.. now i enjoy reading books..  but i will never stop writing.. i will write! write! write! its fun and i enjoy it.  I am not a good writer but i hope what i write can inspire others to be a blogger.   It is also my hope that you will always visit my blog.. as i always welcome you to give comment.

    Thank you again.. for your time.. even the slight moment you have given me.. its a joy to me.

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    Maid or Nursery?

    I read in the newspaper recently about maid.. where our neighboring country proposed their people who work as maid to be paid RM600 in Sabah.. If you think about it.. if you have more than two children, i guess its worth it..but if you have two children.. i guess i choose nursery.  Having experience both having maid and sending my kids to nursery i come to conclusion of these pros and cons :

    Pros of having Maid

    I have quality time with my family, time with my husband and most of all time for myself.

    I don’t have to rush home, no worries for late charge from nursery especially if i stuck in a jamm.

    I don’t need to do the laundry, dishes..and most of the cleaning.. i just supervise.

    I have time to cook without interruption… sometimes if i have something on.. i let her cook.

    Children can have proper rest at home.

    Cons of having Maid

    My maid like to arrange things on her own way.. sometimes she misplace things.. and i hate searching for things.. and she don’t know what i was looking for and worse she don’t know where she kept it… i remember the time i was searching for my anti wrinkle cream .. lucky i found it.

    She loves to do cleaning, ironing,..but so rough and clumpsy.. imagine now i have to get a new washing machine, iron, standing fan… i don’t know what else.. because i just found out few things broke…grrr..haiya.

    I am trying to save cost.. she waste! waste! waste!… almost everything.. from detergent, liquid dishes.. haiya no need to complain lagi lah.

    oh ya.. my girl..sometimes speak like her.. grrrr….but funny.

    Pros of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    I have been sending my children to nursery/daycare, they are more independent and discipline.

    have lots of friends…they have somebody to communicate with.

    They learn new things, early education… music etc.

    Cons of Sending kids to Nursery/Daycare

    Tired! tired! tired!… every night prepare my kids things for the next day… and coming back..need to wash all the dirty clothes..hehe… rushing back from work..need to cook, bath them.. so many 2 in 1, 3 in 1 thingy…hahaha..

    Not only mummy and daddy tired… kesian also to see my children..wake up in the morning.. and come back do their home work..limited time to play… only weekend lah.

    That is my personal opinion.. my maid just left.. she wanted to cancel her visa from her former boss but her former boss want her to work back with her or else her husband, whom are working with the same family will lose his job.   When they searching for job..they want us to get them from where they stay..now it easy for them to find a reason to leave… her cousin called me..wanted to work..mmm..  i don’t think so lah for now..

    So now.. i am back to square one..but i guess nothing different..only extra work, extra effort, extra patience, time management, cooperation between me and husband.. we even let our kids get to do other chores…so far they doing great.  I think we are comfortable now.. i don’t think i need a maid for now.  I manage..we manage.. and we survive without them.