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    The Best Florist in Malaysia Just a Click Away

    Women feel special and appreciated whenever we receive flowers, especially from the someone special.  Flowers are a symbol of love and expressions of feelings.  Giving flowers has no rules, you don’t have to wait for birthday, anniversary or what so ever.  You can give it anytime.  I love flowers and there are so many florist who not only giving lots of creative design and package but also delivery.

    So are you on the hunt for the best florist in Malaysia? You’re in luck, because whether you want to find the best KL flower delivery, a florist in Ipoh, a florist in Penang or a flower delivery to JB, A Better Florist is the one florist you’re going to love. You’ll actually adore them, because everything they do shows that their flower business is customer-centric. One of the best things about this florist team is that they consistently offer fresh flowers, with no exceptions. The standards are high, the flowers are stunning and the prices are affordable.

    If you love shopping online, this is the best flower delivery to do so, because you can access it through your smartphone and order while you’re on the go, or through your computer. They enable you to have access to the most luxurious flowers at all times, no matter how busy the day gets. That way you don’t miss out on showing your love to someone, getting grand opening flowers for a business opening, or getting appropriate funeral flowers to express your sympathy.

    In addition to gorgeous flowers, and a pretty satisfying range of all kinds of flowers, they have a fruit basket selection, as well as a hamper selection. The fruit basket can come with flowers, or without flowers, and hampers can be themed in just about any way possible. If you’re looking for a baby hamper, they have those already made so you can just grab them and go. This goes for all the other hampers, like the get well soon hamper and everything else.

    Another thing you’ll love is their fast and reliable same day flower delivery. Whether it’s their flower delivery Malaysia offers, the best Singapore flower delivery, a UAE flower delivery or a Hong Kong flower delivery, they offer a free same day delivery. Another great perk, if you don’t have time to deliver the gifts and flowers on your own. Plus, they have an express flower delivery, that doesn’t cost a lot, and it can get to you within just 90 minutes. This is all possible because they have a flower shop all around the city,

    A Better Florist has reaped all the praise as the best florist in Hong Kong and Malaysia, but not just as the best hk florist, but you can see online that they are talked about as the best florist in Abu Dhabi, and the best flower delivery in UAE. And as many say that this is the best florist KL has had so far, it’s always best to believe the word of mouth, because when customers are happy, it speaks volume about the business itself.

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    Magic Brass Bangles From Tamu

    Last Friday i had the opportunity to have a walk and did our shopping at Tamu Donggongon, this tamu (local street market) which open only on Thursday and Friday every week.

    My favourite spot will be right in the middle of the tamu ground where I can get find some local handicraft.  The place where you can get traditional accessories, beads, locally made brass bangles and traditional costumes.



    As i was looking and thinking what to buy, there was another girl who was busy looking for different patterns and design of bracelets.  Soon after, we were both searching, discussing on design we saw.  As i mentioned to her i need to get something not too trendy and  .   While we were busy looking at the design “itu design tidak penting, yang penting ngam dalam hati..be yourself!(the design is not important, what important is its suits you) the young man who own the booth came interrupting our conversation.  “Mana boleh cakap tua, mesti mau positif bah”(you have to be positive and cannot say old) he continued.

    I did not expect that advice came from a young man but I am thankful for the simple reminder.  I bought two piece of brass bangles which according to him will help improve our health, easing the pain of arthritis, improve the condition and appearance of skin.

    With the advice he gave, now these bangles are more meaningful and magical, because whenever i wear these bangles, i will remember his advice and feeling there is a highest potential in me.

    Sometimes we get simple reminder and advice by anyone and sometimes stranger. It happened at any place and any time but be open to it, sometimes it can be harsh but sincere.

    Be thankful for it, advice, critics, these are all words that can either builds us up or break us down.  Be smart!




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    Videos You Must Watch To Have Youthful Skin

    Looking at myself in the mirror,  a lady at her early 40s, with few grey hair..  hiding in between the dye burgundy hair.  Fine yet visible line and wrinkles here and there, uneven and unhealthy skin.  How


    I get tempted when i receive any beauty treatment brochure and card or new new skin care product and supplement that proven to make you look younger than your age.  For sure the good product comes with good price but somehow not all the product suits your skin.  There was one time, i tried a product after a good review from friends but when i put it on my face it feels so tight, well i thought its the effect but it got worsen with itchy red dots on my face.  Its just doesn’t suits me, so i stop.  Now i am happy with just simple skincare i bought from Watson.

    Now that i am at my 40s, i want to learn more on how to age beautifully.  Allowing myself to grow ..not old but wise.   I have been trying to know if there anyway of having youthful skin the cheapest way.   And its true that to have radiant and beauty skin are not by using skincare alone but from deep within and some technique.  Trying to answer my own question, i did some research and today I am sharing with you how we can do it.


    There are some technique that helps us get that radiant, healthy skin without any injection or knife under the skin…just by using the touch of your fingers and the right methods both using massage and workout.


    Here are few videos collection i found on website for you to try.  I didn’t know there are different types of massage but i have here..

    1. Tanaka Face Self Massage
    2. Face Gym
    3. Yoga







    What great about this method is that its free, you can do it anywhere and anytime.  Ask someone to massage for you or just Do It Yourself!  You can even do face exercise while driving, as long as you can focus on your driving and don’t mind people call you crazy.

    Have fun trying and please don’t forget to SMILE!