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My Sketches

Need your feeedback here

Hi … Welcome to Beautiza 🙂 I would love you all to check out my  sketches page  of which contains all my designs. These are just a few of my collections. Please leave a comment on my sketches, you can even request of any design for me to sketch.  Thank you 😀 Here are few samples for you …

My Sketches


Welcome to BEAUTIZA! It is interesting to have my own space of creativity. I am happy to share it with you. I always wanted to be a fashion designer but things didnt go as plan. But i always love to design.. i even sketch during my free time. My busy lifetime as a working mum …

Family Personal

Good Mummy, Bad Mummy

Before i got married, i always judge the way my sister and other mother i know, treat their children. I always thought they are not doing the right thing, especially when they shout at their children. ‘What a Bad Mummy’.. i told to myself.. i am not going to treat my child like that.. i …