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How To Create Password You Can Remember

I was in urgently need to transfer my paypal account to pay to the third party. As i was sitting comfortably and trying to log in my paypal account but after a few attempt to log in, i keep on getting this “The email and password you entered don’t match”.  I am confident and sure i log in the right password, without hesitation.. i keep on trying..cracking my head, figuring what would the password be.  How can i forgot password for this important site, impossible to forget this password. 


 I kept myself away from the cellphone, trying to do something else while my mind keep on wandering.  Visualizing the possible password that would have use..  ******* incorrect *****  nope.. i got blank and almost give up.   I put my cellphone on the table and let myself relax.. thinking of ‘nothing at all’.    Inhale..exhale.. allowing my whole body to relax.. my tense muscle becoming more relax.


 After 15 minute in my deep relaxation mode, i decided to give it another try.  Yes!  i successfully log into my account and make the payment.   How can i forget and how did i manage to remember?  What happened was, i did use the right password for my first attempt to log in, unfortunately when i typed the password it was in capital letter.  I happened to realized that i did not tried to log in the first two password after i changed it to lower case letter.



I have to admit that i keep on forgetting password and at few sites i have to click ‘remember password’ and have to retrieve from email and create new password in that sites.

How do to create password and still remember it.  As i have problems with passwords.. i realized my mistakes.  I am not sure if you agree with me but, creating a password can be easy but remembering it can be hard sometimes.  Password should be related to the site.

For example you want to be me a member in a fashion sites (some sites requires characters, some mix of characters and numbers) you should creates sometime regarding fashion.  Probably for Zalora, you can create your password as ‘iamSEXYsizeM’ (if its require mix of capital and lower case letter) or ‘iamsexy4u2c’ (if there is a need of numbers).  I don’t see any harms of using the same password for different fashions related sites.


How about password for online banking? probably you can try something like “$lovesMe4ever” or m0NEYs4me.   However we are requires to read and understand how to get our password secure.


indexI always had problems creating password before but it is clear to me now.  We just need to be creative, password should be words or sentence that can be easily remember and related to the sites.

This is just my personal opinion, how you created your password, is your choice.   Thank you for reading and i hope you get some ideas in creating password in the future.

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