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    Sing and Read together with your Child


    Have you ever try talking to your kids with rhythm or singing to be exact?  If you never did, i would like you to try it.  How?  it is very simple actually, if you are a fan of musical animation or movie.  You don’t need musicans friend to help you, you just talk or sing in rhythm.

    For example, the other day i was so angry with my daughter for not tidying up her room.  I wanted to shout at her but instead i said :

    “baby! baby! your room untidy,please just please, make it tidy, don’t let make me angry, or else your mummy will go crazy”

    My daughter so used with my technique and she replied ” mummy! mummy! oh my dear mummy!, don’t be silly,the room is already tidy, its your eyes that is so sleepy”

    Your kids will learn to play with words and rhythm.  It is fun actually, it look awkward at first but when you start saying or asking them in rhythm, they eventually learn to reply in such a way.

    It is also good  to read books together, this also helps to create bonding and good communication amongst both mother and child.  Read aloud and create a fun way, make the story sound real, ask her to read few sentences or pages.


    Reading or singing is a wonderful way to create a child imaginations.  It is a happy and fun way to learn and beautiful way of bonding.  ‘A child who sings is a happy child’ yes! and you know a happy child can make the family smile.




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    Birthstone and Meaning



    What would you give your mum for her birthday?  As a woman, we love to give what we want to receive.  I am sure you would be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers or jewelry on your birthday.  What gift you have given your mother ? pearl necklace, roses, brooches ?

    Would you like to give something different this year or next year?  What about giving birthstone rings for mothers for their birthday, its sound interesting and meaningful.



    My mum’s birthday is in October, her birthstones is tourmeline.  This gem protect the wearer from dangers and misfortune, also promotes  balance and protection.

    Here is birthstones for each month and its meaning.  You can check out which birthstone belongs to your mother  and you can start searching for it at any jewelry shops.