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    Say ‘cheese’!

    I remember those days when we still use camera with film.  Camera can be bulky those days.


    Say ‘cheese’!  I love taking pictures.  The problem is that you are not sure whether that’s the best shot you have and you always bring extra  film to take more pictures especially on an important occasions.   We then take the film to be developed, anxiously waiting to see how the photos will turn out.    Once the photos are ready, yeah!! can’t wait to look at it over and over again.   You can get bad news as well, as some photos probably don’t turn out well, eer what they say ‘film over expose’ and you were like ..”there goes my memory”.


    The best part is to make the arrangement in the album, which pictures come before which.. i’m loving that part.   When i had my first child, i have few albums just to put my son’s picture in it, i even have pictures as in slow motion, a few shot for a movement.  I am so crazy with his pictures, i re-arranged everything making sure its nice to see.  I have his picture from the moment he came to this world, everything he does, first steps, first day care.. it is so beautiful.

    Welcome to the digital era! where digital camera and smartphone are taking over and farewell to camera with film.  My daughter ever asked me, why does his brother has more pictures in the album than her and i just told her that digital camera took but we forgotten to print it and put it in the albums.. i am sure that is not the answer she wanted.


    More people nowadays doesn’t mind sharing their pictures to the whole wide world, instagram, twitter, picasa and facebook to name a few social media.   I share some of my family pictures in facebook and blog too but some pictures are personal, there are memories and album where it belong.  This remind me to print the photos in my computer and keep it in the album before i lose it.