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Life is a Journey of Learning

Most famous people in the world, such as Oprah, J.K. Rowling, Donald Trump and many more has gone through mistakes and failure. Failure or mistakes is part of learning. Remember how toddler learns to walk, they crawl and try to stand on their own but sometimes they fall. They have no choice but to try again, their parents motivate and encourage them. Even if they fall, they stand again and sometimes they cry while they learning but at the end of the day, they able to stand on their own feet.


We often strive to be successful in everything we do and we are too afraid to fail. Failure or mistakes has a bad impact on our lives, we easily get discouraged when this happened and decided to give up. Learn to accept that mistakes or failure is just part of life learning journey. There are a few strategies you can use to learn from mistakes that will work from various situations most of the time.

The most important thing is to stop thinking mistakes as your failure but learn to accept is positively as opportunity for learning. Most people learn more from mistakes than they learn from successes. Mistakes are allowed for you to learn valuable information that can be used in the future.

Don’t blame others for your mistakes but be forgiving. Blaming others will make you angry as you unable to accept your mistakes and moves on. It is better see what you can change in the whole situation rather than thinking who is more responsible for the situation. Accept what is done and makes it an empowering experience and learn from it.

Imagine yourself at someone’s shoes, how they might react if there are in your situation. Create a mind map, as it easier to understand the ‘what if’ questions using the technique. Be creative and try to look at the situation different ways and see what you can learn from it next time.
You can learn from your mistakes by asking yourself questions. Questions like ‘how, why, when, where and when’ helps you to get the idea on what happened and this questions might help gives you solution in the future.

Evaluate your mistakes and write it down in paper. Ask your trusted friends or family for opinion, those who can deliver their opinion honestly. This will help you learn from your mistakes and you need to be able to accept criticism and advice in order to learn.

You have a choice in life, you can choose to give in or to challenge yourself and never up. There many ways we can learn to get better in life, learn it from those successful people who started it from nothing and those who fail in their journey but made it through. Never allow fear to prevent you from trying.

No matter how much you want something or how hard you work to make it happened, sometimes you just have to wait for it. You can’t force things to happen. Remind yourself that you done your best. Respect your ability and limit that you have but never give up. Work smarter and think wiser, you can achieve your goal without risking your sanity or well-being.


Go with the flow and enjoy life more. Mistakes offer us chances to learn and grow, and these failures, you will find wisdom for reaching any goal in life. Appreciate life more and be thankful for the experiences given because life is a journey of learning.

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