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Defining happiness can seem as elusive as achieving it. Can happiness be define or measure? We probably have different opinion or suggestion on what happiness really means. Living in a materialistic world, we believe money provide happiness, assuming rich people are happier. Some people believe that money and the obsession of things will make them happy but others believe it’s the combination of satisfaction and having positive emotions.

Discussion of money and happiness span the history of humankind. We believe that being rich will make you happy but a study of the people on the Forbes Magazine list of the 100 wealthiest people indicates they are only slightly happier than average citizens.  We are being manipulated by companies through advertisement that buying and using their product will give satisfaction and happiness. Life will be better when we have bigger home, expensive car or get promoted in our work, is a misconception.

Why some people consider themselves happy and some are not? Those who compare themselves to the well off, hoping they can be like them or better will never feel happy. The feeling of envy and jealous amongst others only creating negative emotions, this will never make anyone happy. Unable to get and let go of bad experience in the past can create negative emotions.

What causes people to be happy? Research indicates that materialism is not major ingredients for a good life. Those who afford to buy basic necessities, such as food and shelter consider themselves happy. Happy people are optimistic and positive in life. People who have close, supportive relationships are tend to be happy as we, human have what today’s social psychologist call a deep “need to belong.” The other cause that gives people happiness is faith in a person. Religions help individual find peace in themselves. Being able to control their own life, optimist and high self-esteem are among traits that mark happy experiences and happy lives. People who go with the flow or work and leisure experiences are tend to be happy.

“Happiness is what you think, what you say and what you are in harmony” Mahatma Gandhi.

What exactly we need to do in order to be happy? Neither wealth nor any circumstance we long for will guarantee happiness. To be happy is a choice. Social Psychologist and author of The Pursuit of Happiness, David Myers stated the quality of happy people and how to be happier.
If you want to be happy, you need to take control of your life. Act happy, put on your happy face and engaged into a happier state of mind. Happy people just go with the flow, challenging themselves to new things. Learning new things or skills and simple activity such as gardening, doing craft work or socializing can bring satisfaction.

Exercise can relieved mild depression and anxiety as it promotes health and energy. Learn yoga or join aerobic exercise. Jogging or walking can make you feel less stress. It is also important to give priority to close relationship. Close, trusting or any kind of relationship can help you weather difficult times.


Happiness is not only to receive but to share and give. Reach out to those in need. Get involve with social community and volunteering service. Helping others are not necessary involve money but it is your willingness and sacrifices.


Count your blessing and keep a journal of your gratitude. Counting your blessing even the smallest things in life can give big impact in one’s life. Be thankful to God and nurture your spiritual self. People who are active in their faith communities report greater than average happiness and often cope well with crisis.


No doubt that money and the attainment of materials give us pleasure but it does not make us happier. Look at the famous celebrity in the world, they are rich and famous but not all of them are happy. Imagine you work so hard and you have lots of money, as you believe money will give you satisfaction and give you and your family happiness. You focus on your personal objective in life, at the end of the day, you get sick and all your money spent on your health care. You manage to own a big house for your family but not a home.

Happiness is a choice we make day by day. Life is a roller coaster, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, it is full of challenges. Learn to be content in life and understand that life is a beautiful journey. The relationship between mind, body and spirit affect the whole meaning of happiness within you. Start feeling happy within you and you will spread your happiness to those surround you, as happiness is contagious.

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