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Practice What You Preach

Tum! tum!.. trumm!.. aah my heart beating fast.. sound like drum beating.  I have forgotten how it feels, its been ages i never had this stress as a student.   Assignments, i was just looking and reading at the questions and never done anything.  I try to focus, relax and looking at the questions, it seems like the paper looking back at me wandering ‘what the heck are you waiting for‘.  I have the time to do so, dateline is near and there i was looking at the questions.


While i was squeezing my mind for ideas to start, my mind wandering of other things, workload in the office, where to bring my kids for holiday and where do i study?  at the same time, i feel like knocking my head for making myself into trouble.  At that time, i can either sleep, watch TV, make earrings, blog for money and many other stuff that are more relaxing.  Now, i have to juggle my time, push myself to learn and oh man! there is a lots of sacrifices.

Then i start realizing what i share with some students about stress management, time management, goal setting and motivations.   Okay i make it sounds so easy and they are motivated, now its my time to practice what i preach and applied it on myself because i really need it.  I keep on reminding myself  this is what i want! this is what i want! i am going to deal with this, even how hard it will be i know life is still beautiful if you sees it like that.

This is how the universe works, you give, you get back, you keep on learning things because the world is round and life is a journey of learning.  I got it now, how can i become slow at things like this.  I always say ‘life is wonderful, keep on learning and never say you are too old for anything’, yup, that’s from me to others and now from me to myself.


If you give poison to others, you might get one but sweet things, words of ponder and wonderful sharing, if it come back to you, it taste even sweeter.  Now, if you feel like sharing something to others, share a dream and wishing you have a taste of a wonderful experience in return.

Yours truly, beautiza

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