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Best Price Best Quality?

Last weekend i bought a bed and foam mattress that was on sale.  I love buying things that is cheap because i can afford it and there were items that is expensive but that not a good quality.  I learn from experience it is good to buy items that is expensive but with good quality.


Having had few cheap and affordable furniture or items at home that looks like with good quality but after a few years it will show problems.  Last weekend i spend quite a lot sum of money, pretty much that makes me pause for a while… quite expensive but i looks like a good quality.

Hopefully this bed will last for a long time, now thinking where or who to give the old one.  I love looking at new furniture and hopefully will buy new one again.  But always i have the question that i will never get the answer ‘best price, best quality? is it or is it not? still not sure about it myself.

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