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Getting into Yoga

Last month I had the opportunity to learn yoga.  In my heart, okay they will teach us how to teach yoga for kids, this will be easy.  So I come there with confident, this I say will be an experience of a lifetime.  Never in my life have ever done yoga, yes I heard about yoga a lot and watch it on youtube.


So that day was my first ever experience doing yoga. With this petite small body, I thought I can do it, yes I can but the truth is just painful, painful to know that I cannot stretch my body.  There were certain pose that I almost injured myself, during that exercise I felt my tight cramp but I was just embarrass to let it show and with the pain I struggle, so lucky I manage to get it under control.  That was a painful and embarrassing experience.

Now I have been doing yoga at least 30 minutes a day, starting with simple pose.  I am improving a lot and becoming more aware of my body. I can stretch more.  Oh yes! I am feeling happier and healthier.


If my cash advance loans approved I will invest for the Teacher Yoga Training in September.  Learning yoga is an experience for a healthy living style.

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