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To Complaints or Be Champions

 Look around us, so unfair, you did your job tremendously well but other people achieve something out of it.  Bosses gives you great comments for a job well done, you were asked to go early to office to do some work and you were even asked to stay back late to settle urgent matters.  You did it well, you did what was told but at the end of the day, you didn’t get anything and worse other people got promoted while you stay where you are.


De-motivated? Well I don’t blame you. What should you do? You have two choices, you can go on complaining or championing.  


Complaints and make people listen to your sad story.  Being part of a sad story is not pretty and the truth not everyone like to listen to this kind of story, you end up being judge by others too, those who don’t know the real story.

Be a champion! It is not to challenge or prove others what you can do but to acknowledge yourself that you are a champion indeed.  Don’t feel down when you did not get any reward, it’s alright.  Others will not remember how many rewards or award you get but how well you did your job.   If you can’t do a good job today, learn to do better tomorrow. 


The worse ideas are when you compare yourself to other people and to judge them is not your duty.  Make a wise decision in dealing with this situation, so you can choose to complain or to be a champion.  To complains are easy but to be a champion are better choice. 

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