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Get Ready for Yoga Kids


I didn’t see this coming for this year.. not in my resolution for 2013, not even written in my goal and have not visualize me doing yoga.  What is it for me? Why i signed up for Sun Yoga – Teacher Training : Kids Yoga…?  Before i signed up, i had 3  main issues, first is money, second is ‘off day’ and third is my body.

Yoga is something you learn and something you can share to others, instead of thinking that i am paying for  fees i imagine it as an investment.  When they mentioned there will be doing the program during the weekend i was so happy because i have been taking lots of leave already and i don’t want to waste anymore leaves.  I was also concern on how yoga would be but i said..its yoga for kids..i don’t think it can be that hard..which i was wrong.

This is the first time i heard there are such yoga for kids and i am so happy not only to find out about it but also taking part in the program.  The two days training, the poses and exercises are similar to some exercise in brain gym.

I have one purpose to be there… for my children.  Two days in the training i was challenging myself even on day one i almost give up.   Yoga Kids is wonderful, depending on their age range we were asked to create a story with certain pose/exercise to go flow with it.  On the second day we bring our kids and using the story we did earlier on! it was fun.  My daughter really had a great time.


I have to challenge myself to the limit, there are certain pose i am unable to do at first but with determination i did it.   Yoga pose has never been easy to me but it really challenge my mind to control my own body.   You need to have a strong mind and body to do the pose.. it is a challenge with pain but its worth it.  Its worth my money, time and energy.


Never expected this to happened..  Teacher for Yoga Kids wonderful.. i believe there is always a reason for things like this to happen and to me it is the best so far this year.


Dr. Jacqueline Koay – our Yoga Instructor from  Sun Yoga KL

What next? not sure yet but what i am sure is i will share this knowledge.  My aim for a start is special needs for they need physical training and brain exercise.  With God’s help i will share my light and let it shine to others.

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