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I Can Read Your Mind

My daughter is the smartest one.. if she make mistake she will find a way to cover up.  I gave them each rm2.00 per day as allowance.   The reason is for them to keep at least rm1.00 in their piggy bank for saving,  i believing it is a good way to teach them about saving.  There will be times that my daughter will not used her money at all and just bring bread to school, so she will have extra money in her saving.

Last night she took out a sticker from her school bag and said to me “look mummy i got sticker, the teacher gave it to me”.. i saw rm2.00 written on the packet and asked again “wow! for what reason”?  my daughter said.. “because i did my homework”.. me feeling curious because i never see her doing any homework.  I then said to her “you bought this for rm2.00 in the canteen”? she nod yes and no at the same time realizing she was trapped.  I told her just to be honest and don’t lie to me, its alright to make mistake then to lie, i saw her face, she look at me with her angry and sad face at the same time and she turn around..  I said to her “I know what you said!, you called me crazy don’t you?’  She was so surprised and asked how am i able to hear her say that… i told her i can read her mind.  Well as a matter of fact, she will say ‘you are crazy’ whenever she got angry’, i just tested my instinct.  I told i learn how to spot lie.

She asked me over and over again.. “mummy can you really read my mind?”.. every mother can read their child’s mind i told her.  We mother have the natural instinct and we know whenever our immediate family lie to us.


And now whenever i asked her to do..but she do it slowly i will say “i can see that you are walking faster a bit.. and you heart say ‘I love my mummy’.. she will walk faster and smile.  I know she knew what i was doing but she is just having fun in playing the game.. she also said now ‘I can read your mind’.

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