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Now its ‘Life is Beautiful!’

I always passionate about writing, not only it gives me pleasures, it reduces my stress too.  This blog that you looking at right now, yes the one you are reading now have been helping me a lot.  I have created this blog since 2007, if you noticed the earlier tag was : Beautiza – Expressing Myself as Mother and Wife...   That is probably the reason i stick my story about family and personal matters.  Its funny when i think about it my tag.. it sound really pathetic.

So i decided since i have written mostly about personal development and other stuff.. i should go general.  I have made a home improvement to my blog!




Yes i am still a Wife and a Mother but can deliver more than that.  There are so many topics that can write to help others.  When there was a few error occurs on my blog, i asked my blogger friend expert LadyJava to change the tag for me, as she is the one designing my banner.

I then decided to change the tag to : Beautiza – Life is Beautiful!.


I hope this blog will enjoy more visitors because we promise a beautiful journey together.  This is the only place i can share my knowledge and experiences.  I wanted to beautify it even better, if i could add pentair pool lights to get it more light and blink .. i would.  But as for now, let it be simple but full of wonderful contents, hopefully you can come visit again  Please comments or email me should you have any suggestions to my simple page.

Beautiza – Life is a Beautiful Journey!


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