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Here How to Grow Wiser and Feel Happier


As time flies, our age added another number.   More silver hair, our hair soon has the black and white stripe, what a natural style.  Wrinkles line looking more visible then before, it shows clearly even before you smile.  Oh! What a sight!

Well, what can I say?  Let’s face it!  Accept that we are still growing and use these steps to make our growing process wonderful and beneficial at the same time.


Don’t use the word ‘old’, use ‘wiser’ instead

If you keep on repeating you are old, you will grow old before your eyes.  Your mind will visual image of ‘old’ and send message to your body and it will react accordingly.  So instead of saying ‘I am getting old’, use ‘I am wiser now’.   Wiser sound more intelligent and again you speak for your action.  You are training your subconscious mind that you are getting smarter each day and you are wiser in making decision.


Learn new things

When you were younger you probably wanted to learn how to bake cake but unable to find the time, start doing so.  When you learn something you love to do, you will get excited and you will eagerly learning.  You can probably learn public speaking to enhance your personal and communication skill.


Make new friends

You probably have the same circle of friends and share the same kind of story.  As we grow, we need to understand more about life and we need to share our knowledge.  Get yourself updated with new topics, get new circle of friends.  But remember to keep in touch and spend times with your old friends.


Train your Brain

To be wiser, you need a good brain.  Keep our brain healthy! Do this everyday –

Eat healthy breakfast,

Eat healthy foods and drink lots of water

Do puzzle, crosswords or any quiz.

Limit yourself from watching TV, do some reading instead.


Be the ‘Helping Hands’, do Volunteer

Another way to make you worth as a human being is to help others.  You can volunteer to other human kind, help the animal shelters or protect the environment.  Choose which you comfortable with.   If you love to interact with others or you want to help the poor, or you probably loves animal or nature suits you best.   You can start searching for the right  Organizations, either its Government or  Non-Government Organizations  and sign up as a volunteer.   This is the best way to give back to God after what He has given you.  Share your love to others and never expect anything in return.  You don’t gain any american silver eagle coins for that but you sure get God’s blessings and others pray for your kindness.


Be natural

I have gray hair but I prefer calling it silver hair, sound wealthy.  I stop covering it with dye now I let it be.  I just cover my face with natural and light foundation, a light pinkish foundation on the cheek and lipstick.  I am in my late 30s but I still want to look nice.  Don’t let age stopping you from looking sexy, choose the right clothes and color that suits your body and the whole image of yours.

I hope this will help you grow, not only wiser but feel happy at the same time.


Beautiza – Life is Beautiful


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