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    Enjoy Your Life!

    I don’t know about you but what i realized is that, when i was in my 20s i want to achieve everything in life.  Learn everything i can, may it be just for fun. Those years i want money more then anything else in the world.

    I took fashion design but never finished the course simply because i hate sewing but i love to design.  Proud that even though i did not graduated but i manage to design a casual wear and evening dress for a contestant for Miss Sabah in 2006 if i am not mistaken.  It was wonderful looking at your creation being wore by a contestant.


    Took makeup course and made money from doing part time makeup artist, but i got busy with my children they were small at that time and i no more doing makeup for others just have fun doing makeup for myself.  Some of my special experience being a makeup artist was having not enough makeup because i though my friend will come with her makeup that when i was new in the field.  There was one time i was doing makeup and hairdo for a bride, there were no electricity but she wants to curl her hair, how terrible that day was to me.


    But when i reach 30s, i struggle to what i want and what i need.  Its all about family, i need to make more money and i need to work hard.  Yet still my main problem is ‘time’ for myself and family.  I learn few things and got certified in NLP which is a good help for me.


    Almost reaching 40! next year no more number 3 it will started with number 4.  Only few months to go for me to reach 40 but now i feel like it is better to live life simple.. as simple as possible.   Money is very much a priority those days and still we need money now but we are smarter and wiser.  My draw my mind map and it was achieving a bungalow, big branded car, everything that money buys but recently i feel the urge to go back to a small town, garden my own vegetables and fruits.. need to redo my mind map see what comes out.


    Nothing is more important than family and my children especially.  As long as we have enough food to eat,  a home to stay in, enough to pay our bills and other expenses, enough for even small saving.. it is ok as long as family together.

    There are things we can’t give them and i teaches them why they can’t have everything and i make them understand that ‘the best thing in life are free‘.

    Life is beautiful if you make it simple!

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    Empowering Women through Entrepeunership with Whitney Keyes

    Having the opportunity to be part of the participants to a talk  Prof. Whitney Keyes on Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship  organized by SWEPA and The US Government.  Even though it was a last minute decision for me to come but it’s worth my day off.

    The room was full with wonderful participants mostly entrepreneurs from the owner of a hotel, café boss, Special Event Manager, employers from different line of businesses and others just fresh students.  The main reasons me to be there and I am sure others too is to learn new things be it in entrepreneurs or just exploring new ideas.

    For only one day, Whitney had made us the whole concept of entrepreneurship.  Her module includes the challenges and how to create opportunities, planning, resources, how to plan and make it into action.  She also included social entrepreneurship in her module which has become the favorites amongst participants.  She able to make her module short yet informative.  What interesting is that this one day talks are very interactive and packed with group  activities.   The only problems she encountered during her talks was her laptop which I guess need a pc tune up, other than that it was a wonderful experience.

    Not only we went back home feeling excited to get our goal achieved, we had the opportunity to network within the participants. It was a wonderful experience for me as I always had problems to put my plan into action now I just can’t wait to start.

    Picture of me with Prof.  Whitney Keyes


    Here is brief about Prof. Whitney Keyes.


    WHITNEY KEYES is an international speaker, marketing expert and professor of strategic communications. For over 20 years, she has helped organizations and individuals to be more successful. She has also worked for the U.S. Department of State to empower women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, Kenya and Namibia. She’s the author of the book, Propel: Five ways to amp up your marketing and accelerate business.   She manages a consulting practice, delivers keynotes and facilitates workshops for national organizations including Small Business Administration.  Whitney writes for business publications and produces content for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s  Biz Bite Blog.  She also co-produced and hosted over 50 episodes of WhitneyandWyatt.com, a weekly online talk show for women. Whitney lives in Seattle, Washington, and can be reached through her website at WhitneyKeyes.com.


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    Happy Brain


    There is something about our brain that we don’t understand.  As for us, we are smart enough to be good to ourselves.  What do you think the patients accepting treatment on alcohol rehabilitation at Malibu Horizon thinks?  Are they willingly come to accept treatment to be better or being force by others?  Whatever it is, we shape ourselves and we train our brain to achieve better life.

    We have to be good to our brain, making sure it has sufficient oxygen.  I met a lady who is a Certified Yoga Laughter Instructor, she said laughter is good for the heart and brain.  It is funny how she can make people laugh.  Whatever good for the brain, weird, funny or crazy just do it. 


    Eat good food, exercise more and enjoy life even more.  You are what you think and your brain will captured what you think and store it somewhere in your memory.  As some says, be careful what you think of, it might come true.  Think positive, be happy and visualize wonderful picture in your mind.