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Pain to Win

Life is indeed a learning journey and the more we walk..the more we learn something new.. and we leave the path.. it became our experiences.. and move on.  We stumble, fall, stand, walk again.. funny .. why can’t we just walk or run without falling? i have no idea.. probably God wants us to taste the pain and gain something from it? i am not sure .. but i think that should be it.  Taste the pain and you know how to win! Really? well.. imagine when you were younger, you fail your subject..  you have to choice.. to learn or just accept failure.


Reading and watching a biography about successful people, from politicians, entertainers and athletes, just a few from the mainstream..  most of them a failure who turn themselves successful at the end of the day, others start smelling  success at the early attempt but fail in the middle of their journey but they struggle to gain success once again.  And that differentiate ‘failure’ with ‘winner’.

It is our choice to accept pain and let ourselves suffer in pain.. or accept pain and learn to win.  How our mind think, how creative we are really matters in making change in life.  I am following the foot step of Baract Obama.. i want to win!.. whatever obstacle and challenges come through me.. in God i have faith, in me i believe.. i will win.


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