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Shadow of Pain

I believe all of us have our own ‘shadow’ or ‘secret’ we keep in our closet. Living in your own shadow.. in the dark forever are painful, probably its too hurtful to share and too shameful for others to know.

It is the bad side of us.. we don’t want people to know…what we did before or even still doing it because we can’t get rid of it.

There are so many people walking in their shadow.. covering their shame or hatred with their happy smiling face but in reality they are suffering inside.  The only way to walk in the light is to accept your own shadow.. and slowly find a way to fight it.. and move on.

Nothing is easy and it don’t happened over night.. take a small step. Once you allow yourself accepting your own shadow.. you will get in the process of change and with God’s help and guidance .. you will be able to slowly remove your mask.. and be yourself.. no more hiding… you will be free!

I remember a story of a lady who was a drug addict.. she was in and out the rehab but still addicted to drugs but one day she accept who she was and what she did..and slowly change to be a better person.. she have revealed herself ..of who she really is behind the mask.

Now she help those drug addicts to recover .. she go back to her own shadow and give others light.

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