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Goodbye Long Hair

I don’t take any diet pills..not even any best weight loss pills..but my colleagues said i look slim.  I am not worry but somehow i don’t want to looked slim as not healthy.  I am a bit surprised that i can wear my clothes that used to be tight on me.  Of course my tummy still there.. but i feel like i need to do something about my looks.. and my body.

What should i do? Eat more?  I never starved myself  but  my hair is kind of long now.. maybe it doesn’t suit my face.  I know it took patience to have a long hair and need extra care.  I love my hair..but i feel so tired to manage it now.

I think..i might look better with short hair.. as how i used to before.   Changing hair style is nice..its part of great feeling..if you feel good.. you will look good.  So i decided to cut my hair as short as this…

or this

Not much different actually.. well wish me luck with my new short hair.



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