The first time i saw this show on TV.. i was like.. ‘is this real?’.. ‘are you kidding me?’.. there are children.. ages between 7 to 13 years old… yet they can really!… they are talented young chef..talented young children.

This is what i am talking about Junior Master Chef Australia !

This show is inspiring… especially us.. adults.. and i just admired each one of these contestants.. for their talent, determination, passion and love for foods.  I am so proud of them.. they really know what they are doing.

If any of my children have passion for cooking.. i dare not stop them.. because this is a skills of a lifetime.

After watching this show makes me want to try my skills..and i heard le creuset sale online …need to get new pan to get me motivated.

I just love this show very much…

The talented young contestants



The Competitions


The Judges


The foods


I would love to be the judge in the show.. i want to taste the foods!



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