Friends often asked me why i am still maintain and slim.  They asked me if i took any diet pills or what exercise did i do?  Well honestly non of the above.  I am just blessed with this petite figure and  i don’t control my food intake but maybe we are just used to eat in a small portion.. thanks to my mum.  But it doesn’t matter how you look like.. big or small.. i believe .. your figure is important.. the curve.

If you want to look good you need to feel good about yourself.. and vice verca.. you will feel good if you look good.  How do feel if you wear a nice dress?  don’t you feel great about yourself? how confident are you?  How do you feel if you wear a blouse that is not matched your skirt?  you feel like the day are long.. you need to go home and change right away.

Start looking at what yourself…  the saying goes.. ‘don’t judge the books by its cover‘  but remember ‘the first impression is important’.. and i do judge the books by its cover.. and i am sure you do too.  It is like personality, you look at a person on the whole appearance first then you want to get to know the person.. its normal..we are human.

So.. feel good..and be yourself.