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Everything Happened For A Reason..

Don’t we all wish we know what is this ‘everything happened for a reason’ what is the reason? .. i will stop asking why? why? why? and if i have psychic power, it will be easier for me to know other person’s mind, what are they thinking? what are they doing? These questions without answer.. only silence is killing me.

From now on.. i am letting go of this feeling.. the feeling of too much concern.. because when we concern about others, it affect our emotions, we tend to ask questions to ourselves and we don’t get the answer from the person we concern about and we don’t know if the person actually bother about it. So why we need to concern about others? Enough about others, i am starting to concern about myself more than others than after i feel good about myself without this emotional thingy, i can help others.

Enough of the sad.. sad.. sad story, i will re-frame the pictures and make it a beautiful story. Now, let me start doing my lipofuze review, much better thing to do rather than feeling sad. We can’t stop sadness from coming into our life but we can control the feeling.

When everything happened for a reason, the only person who know the reason is you!

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