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    The Journey Is Yours!

    It is not easy to achieve what you want in life.  When your purpose is clear and you have set that goal, the next step is ..’the journey’.. to achieving your goal.   Which i believe the hardest of all.. because this is the time you will be tested especially by the negative people  surround us, which cannot be avoided. Even when we feel we are on the way to the top or even halfway.. don’t forget.. there are always gravity..pulling us down.  So it is how strong you are to push your way up without someone pulling you down.   I don’t mind people chasing me to get in front of me but don’t stop me.. i might need a riding boots and ride the fastest horse.

    Whatever it is, the journey is yours and you determine whether you can get there or not.. Your choice!


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    Wealth or Health?

    I was doing my work in the office, while thinking about what to write in my blog.  I also need to start doing a program, which i haven’t started yet and i was supposed to update something, not to mentioned my filing system still half way both in office and at home.

    I really need to check which task will be my first  priority, this multi-tasking just to get multi-income really makes me multi-tired.  My body need to be  re-charged, and  my mind, just like the computer need to be upgraded.  It is time for me to appreciate myself.  I want a SPA treatment to have a glow skin and relaxed mind.   What else do i need?.. iya ..exercise, and also best hgh supplement to get a  healther body and mind.  It is time for me to slow down..and smell the coffee!

    I would prioritize health.. after wealth for life balance.


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    Office Spring Clean

    What a week last week was, first i got problems with my printer, sent to the ICT dept to be repaired.  The day after that, problem with monitor, same story.. now still with the ICT department.  Temporary they replaced my monitor with a big, black dell version.. can you imagine its like a big tv and its conquiring the desk area.  I hope i can get my flat screen monitor as soon as possible,  the screen is so big and so near to me, it might harm my vision.

    I was without computer for two days, so i decided to spring clean my office..and yes i did.. but still in the midst of doing it.  I cleared all the files from the cabinet..phew.. my next step is to rearrange the filing and try to make it systematic..how? i am still not sure yet.  But for sure i will create something that it will make easy for my replacement to get the file anytime whenever i’m on leave.

    Tomorrow will be the continuation of my spring clean,  once filing is done, i can start to rearrange the office furniture.. just to update a new looks and get feng shui.  How i wish i can find Cinderella and hire her to clean my office.,:)

    So till then, i need to get some rest before i start my busy day tomorrow.