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No Idea..No New Post

I wish i can update my blog at certain time..and i wish i can limit the time.. but i can’t .. i cannot control my work depends on my idea…unless i blog about facts… but still i need idea and inspiration.

Can’t really update blog in the office.. i need to focus on my work..unless i am really free.. and i can’t really update at home.. i don’t want to sleep late.. or else i will be sleepy in the office.. huhu… the best time for me to blog is friday night.. the time i go to sleep..everybody snoring…and having their sweet dreams.

There were times that i really need to do my work.. i have to do it early and my husband have to take care of my children.. i really appreciate that.. he really understand.  Even i started early as 8.00pm.. i still go to bed.. the latest around 12midnight.. . and again i really hope he understand.

It is really hard for me to stop when i already started.. i realize that i needed prototype 37c. for my dark circle .. that is why i try not to sleep too late..but can’t help it sometimes.  While i am working ..sometimes i just log in to my yahoo and fb.. i can get idea from friends too.. ohh that really helps.


So when you see i got new post.. you know i have new idea..


2 thoughts on “No Idea..No New Post”

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