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My Long Hair Inspirations

    Well.. when was the last time i kept my hair long? oh.. the time i got married.. it was long and curly.. but once i got married.. i cut it short with style ofcourse.. but once i have my first child i never grow my hair long again..never.

    Now..just recently.. my goal this year..i want to keep my hair long..well at least up to my shoulder or longer.  I feel that having longer hair makes you look feminine and sexy.. agree?   I almost give up earlier this year..almost cut my hair ..again..but i really want to try to have a long least a year..haha.. well these beautiful ladies..inspires me to have that hair..



    Its not easy to take care of this long hair.. whenever i brush my hair.. i will see my hair everywhere on the floor..oh my.. maybe i need to find a hair loss cure for that.. and if i wash my hair i really need to use the hair dryer to dry my hair where as when i have shorter hair i just use the towel.. it can dry faster..too much of work to be done.. but again.. satisfaction is important.

    I will try to keep my hair least until end of the year.. see how it goes.

    Be confident..and feel will make you feel younger!


    2 thoughts on “My Long Hair Inspirations”

    1. Sama lah kita tu hehhe. Saya pun start sudah mahu kasih panjang rambut saya. Bah apa lagi mari kita tanding siapa yagn boleh tahan hahahha. Anyway, good luck.

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