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Unforgettable Romantic Movies

I love watching movies..  genre movie i like  is romantic, comedy, musical.. something interesting to watch.. that can make me feel happy whole day… okay that include Bollywood movie of doubt about that. Well..i have seen so many movies that is so touching..and interesting.. such as.. Titanic.. kuch kuch Hota Hei..Pretty woman.. Just LikeContinue Reading “Unforgettable Romantic Movies”

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Let Them Show Their Funny Faces

There were times.. i feel like i cannot handle a situation with my children.. especially… when my children ask too much… i just wish they stop asking..simply because i don’t have any answer for their questions anymore…. when they were playing.. i just want them to sit quietly.. when they fight over a  notebook computerContinue Reading “Let Them Show Their Funny Faces”