Been trying to update about this post… almost a month under draft.. being busy with work.. busy with family.. when i have little time.. the internet connection slow.. unable to upload pics.. and the list goes on.

We are living in a place with beautiful scenery… so we decided to bring our family for walk in the beach… just enjoying evening scenery.. we wanted to watch the sunset but it turn out to be the other side… oopsy.

14097_375554366287_622946287_4307690_3974979_nLook how happy she is… she was running..and jumping..haha

14097_375566081287_622946287_4307697_3170890_nOkay.. my son try to act funny… let him do whatever he likes..

14097_375566106287_622946287_4307699_7960438_n“Look!…its a bird!, its a plane!.. oh..its a kite…. two kites actually …


i can still feel the breeze… smell the ocean..and listen to the waves


I wonder what my husband thinking of..maybe he wish he could swim to the other side…probably can.. what he need is best vitamins for men… and try swim to the other side.. i will be waiting at the other island.. would he make it? who knows.. unless he try.. ahh..better don’t..stop thinking¬† about it.

14097_375566126287_622946287_4307700_7644963_nWe were there for about almost two hours.. from sunset to.. dark… as usual children still want to play… but when we mention..MCDonald… ok done.

14097_375566156287_622946287_4307703_5592938_nBefore heading home..we dine at McDonald nearby.. at home.. took our bath..relax.. and the best time to sleep when they get tired.

Spending time with children doesn’t mean spending money..simply a walk …and talk… is quality.. that is quality time!