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Fun Time

Work.. work.. work.. the exhausting journey everyday.. the stress we parents have to go through.. the same goes to the children… how exhausted they are..with their homework … coping with new environment.. new friends.. the nice teacher.. and.. the fierce one..hehe… well i remember how stress i was when i was in primary school.. don’t you? but sure there were great and fun times.

Enough of that.. that weekend we gave ourselves a treat…after church.. we went to CityMall.. our favorite hang out place.. took lunch.. and play games.. yihaa!


Let me see.. who got excited.. daddy or son?


Round.. round in circle..


‘mummy can i drive this car to school?’..nice number though..its ls2208.. anybody wants to buy that number? who know you strike 4D.. hehe..

“The more we say we are tired.. we get exhausted.. but when we say its fun.. we will begin to love what we are doing”...


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