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Be A Winner!

You know..sometimes.. i appreciate what had happened..especially the trial that i have been through… seriously..its a wake up call to me.

How would you know how deep the water is without trying.. and when i feel its deep.. its either..i have to go out from there or dive in.. my choice. But i warn you.. please wear the safety precaution..the wave is rough out there.

How would you know the melody if you don’t listen to the song….you have the lyrics..then sing it.. i know the song that you love is all about you.. so why sing a sad song if you can sing a happy song.. what come out from your mouth influence your mind..believe me.

How would you know that certain fruits can be acne treatments if you don’t try it. Start your research and do your practical.. why do you need to go for surgery or buy expensive products .. like i might be the food that you are craving to eat.

How would you know that you can do whatever you want to do..until you do it ..just give it a try.. a person who wants to do something but scared to try is a loser.. but somebody who failed even when he/she try is already a winner.. and they keep going strong.


Our life is a learning process.. like a baby.. learn to crawl.. and walk.. fall.. walk..when they start running… its hard to make them stop.

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