Oh no! i am losing weight… my normal weight is 45kg.. last year i gain between 46kg-48kg.. i mumble because i couldn’t fit my dress..too fit… then i maintain 46kg..which i feel suits me and comfortable with it.

I am still getting use to my new routine and the time that i need to wake up everyday and the chores that i need to do… phew.. i feel like crying sometimes.

Last check my weight now is back to 45kg.. as long as not below that weight it is still normal. I have backache sometimes.. too tired i guess.. and no exercise made it worse.. sure i don’t need treadmill but i really need exercise.

My routine, 4.50am prepare breakfast, if i have not iron their uniform the night before..then ironing is my job.. their daddy’s job is to wake them up..and bath them, we all get ready.. by 6.00am we are on our way.. afternoon pick up my son..send to daycare..back to work.. going back pick up everybody including my hubby reaches home the earliest 6.40pm..rush to the kitchen..if daddy tired..mummy got to cook for dinner.. do the laundry at the same time… check their books for the next day..check if any unfinished homework.. dinner serve on the table by 7.30pm or before 8.00pm to make sure they they have time to rest and digest the foods. By 9.00pm or earlier they have to brush their teeth.. change to their pajamas.. and sleep..zzz. By then i will still be hanging the clothes in the balcony.

Well..this is what we call cycle of life, our parents done this before.. and now it is our turn to experience this..and appreciate what our parents had done to us.

May god give us, parents, mothers strength to do our daily chores and patience in educating our children.