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Arggg… diet…diet… i really need to get healthy.. that is my resolution for next year.. ..few weeks more to a new  I really need to keep myself fit, healthy, stay in shape.. got to lose belly fat.. arrgh.. that is my major problem.

I need to change my habit and start adding a new routine… not sure how..but i really have to change these …

  • sleep early rather than sleep night doing blogging.. i need to reschedule my blogging time,
  • drink fruit juice and try to reduce or stop drinking nescafe.. (i am so addicted to caffeine),
  • got to eat lots of fruits and vegetables..rather than taking fast foods..and junk foods
  • cook healthy recipe …steam, boil..rather than.. fried..fried..fried..ohh that oil.
  • bring food from home.. rather than..buying..we know better what we cook (got to wake up early though..)

and most of all… need to exercise..exercise…that will be part of my diet.  I will make sure my whole family get benefit from this.. well lets get it started!


Fresh vegetables… for me and you..will not only make us healthy but also a beauty skin..and  for our brain… good memories for study.

2547718efgcawjymcExercise and drink fruit juices…energize!


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