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Who’s That Girl?…

Recognize this young lady? .. well this pretty lady is Rose Indus, my mummy..hehe.. so proud to be her daughter… and next to her is her grand auntie.. her grandfather’s sister.. i hope i am giving the right information…lol.

Thanks to Facebook, i managed to get in touch with my pretty auntie Anita… mummy’s 2nd cousin… nice of her to post this picture, i saw this picture in her album but didn’t realized it until i was tagged.

The picture was taken in the 60s.. i guess.. i wonder what diet pills that work those days.  My mummy saw this picture last night.. she was so happy ..maybe it reminds her of those days… she will be 56 years old this year and still looking great.

8 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?…”

  1. Nah kan sya bilang mummy ko cantik masa muda2 dulu 😀 Betul pula tekaan sya hehehe.. Makan jatuh hatilah sya sm mummy ko ni Shirley hahaha.. Mcm pelakon Shanghai 😉

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