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Please Go Away!!

I am so angry.. yea..very very angry.. nah marah sudah ni.. whenever i log into my blog’s dashboard i will see comments… so many comments but not from my dear bloggers friends…but from spammers…ciss.  Almost everyday.. they …i dont know what they do..they just put their cheap advert in my comment so that i go to their website.. hey why can’t you just say nice word or invite me there?.. i can do that without being force…ciss again.  Its just few minutes ago i deleted 350 comments which actually spammers, i didn’t check my blog’s dashboard for 2 days and after i cleared the spammers..i got 4 spammers coming in.

I don’t know how to stop them doing that… i just tired click ‘spam’ to get ride of it and the next thing you know ..the same name appears..haiya. Are there any internet law?… or can i use Mesothelioma lawyers to sue them?.. i am not good at this law thingy…but i need them to go away!!..leave me alone!

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