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KL Trip Around the Corner

A few more days.. it will the month of March… school holiday and also our trip to KL… unfortunately we will not be there during the school holidays.. lol… the next trip in the future have to be during the school holidays.. can’t skip  school days for the children.

The last time we visited our family in KL was in August 2007 and kids were still small but now they are ready to go.  My kids will be meeting their cousin.. his daddy side.. hahaha..  and i am trying to get in touch with my family when i am in KL.. jejak kasih..

Me and my bestfriend Cay will meet up and do our shopping hehehe.. yahoo..cant wait lah cay.. we shop till we drop.. i will let my husband take care of the kids while we enjoy ourselves…  bah.. we chater taxi lah kan.. i know one Sabahan taxi driver..buli lah dia bawa kita ronda KL… make sure you take 1 day off.. it will take a whole day.. hehehe.. probably more… if Fele can join lagi best…


I am also thinking of meeting other bloggers while in KL… will do appointment with these guys.

My husband said not to bring so many clothes… he knows that we will ended up buying extra luggage when coming back to KK… we did that twice.. lol.

I have not informed my boss that i will be taking leave for a week.. oops… need to get replacement for me temporary… it should be okay.. but  i am worried  how my kids will behave on the plane.. aduh..i will bring colouring books, story books.. everything to make them entertain.. so KL here we come!

12 thoughts on “KL Trip Around the Corner”

  1. Yuhu shir ..hihihi shop till we drop ..pening karang hubby kita ohhhh hahaha …anyway can’t wait to meet up with u and family especially ur sean and chrissa them in 2007 jah kan duiii lamanya. Anyway, who is this taxi driver?? sabahan?? FOC kah tuu hahaha …bah siapa bloggers yg u nak meet up nii? boleh ikut hahaha

  2. Phil.. no problem.. i will give you his contact number kio… i have to make sure he use the same number lah.. siok juga ada sabahan taxi driver kan..tidak juga dorang sampai hati mo tipu kita kan…

  3. carol.. aka mummy ruth, mm sya pun excited bah juga ni.. part shopping hehehe.. if ada extra money buli juga.. shop till you drop.. but ngam2.. shop ngam2 je lah.. lol

  4. Cay bukan slalu kita kasih pening dorang.. slalu kita pening oleh dorang.. gooson boh.. buli bah kita jumpa bloggers sana.. mo cari tempat lu ni..n fix appointment

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