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Start Early Everyday..

I have been trying to wake up early these days…  i put my alarm at 5.30am but i  woke up at 6.00am.. and then i adjust my alarm 5.00am.. i woke up at 5.30am… lol.. trial.. i tried to wake up earlier each day.. the earliest i time i got up is 5.20am.. well.. I hope i can start my day at 5.00 everyday..

I start my day… boiling water.. sweep the floor…do what ever necessary things undone the day earlier.. its interesting.. i will try to make a habit.. to start my day.. with a prayer.. and follow by exercise… i would love to jog but maybe i start with yoga.. i need to get Jilian Michaels workouts new DVD… she is indeed a good trainer… i hope to make this as a routine.

Start early.. makes me feel fresh.. less stress.. everything is in order..   it is also a preparation for next year.. Sean have to wake up early.. he will be in primary one.. wow..   I hope i am not late tomorrow!!

14 thoughts on “Start Early Everyday..”

  1. ya bah.. chegu..same with me lah… set 5.30… 5min before 6.00am baru i really got up… i am still trying.. to wake up at 5.00am.. mesti ada extra 10min after the alarm bunyi..baru i really bangun..

  2. though alarm set at 4.30am before we all go to sleep but we always ended up, bangun 5pm..sometimes i will wait hubby bangun dulu biar dia boil water hehehe(evil laugh) then only i bangun 😉

  3. Have you tried the mental clock. Visualise getting up with full enthusiasm and energy when your internal clock rings.Rehearse 3 times in your head before going to sleep. Most of the time it works for me unless exhausted the night before.

    Usually I am up and running before the alarm rings if there is something exciting to look forward too the next day.

    Let me know if you find it helpful. Cheers

  4. Yuhuuu same goes to me here second alarm is my hubby hahaha ..the first alarm bunyi mmg kena tutup jah lepas tuu the second alarm bangun baru terbangun smua hahaha …

  5. I have tried what Raymund Pang has suggested and it actually is true. It worked for me before. I even got up before the intended time. But itulah, hari2 mau tell myself I have to wake up at this time. Lama2, malas sdh…then resort back to alarm clock. hehehe

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