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I Had A Busy Week

Sorry guys haven’t had time to update my blog, i even surprise to see list of assignments from my sponsor.. oh dear when will i have time to do that…but still i have to do it.

Oh my, last week was a busy week for us in the office, at night it is impossible for me to update my blog without interruption from my kids and even then.. i was so tired to look at the computer screen…i have been looking at it whole day in the office.

Today is Sunday but i just got back from our rehearsal for tomorrow’s big event.. haiya.. i am nervous..very very nervous but being part of the committee.. how can i say ‘no’.

So here i am again, at home, alone.. just for a while.. i really need to update this blog.. i had sent my kids to my auntie’s home before i went to work and promised to get them before 5.00pm, i had few hours to update blog, clean the house and other chores.  I don’t have time to watch tv… i can see dust on the tv stand.. i need to get rid of that later.

Thank you mummy for being so kind to take care of my kids, my lil cousin, eleanora had been a great assistant taking care of Chrissa… you know girls.. the favorite games are the makeup, dolls.. so girly.. Chrissa loves it.    Sean enjoy playing with his young uncle Noel.. i can hear his voice screaming when i talked to my aunt on the phone… i am sure my aunt will have a bad headache after this.. lol.. oopsy.

Okay.. i got to go now.. i hope next week will not be so busy… i need a break.

3 thoughts on “I Had A Busy Week”

  1. Tahniah Shirl! even though nervous (biasalah ni kan) but everything went smoothly for you.
    Wah bestnya you few times already Home ALone, am waiting when my turn yg tiada saja peluang ni sob..sob.. :-p

  2. thanx.. hehehe.. ya lah lucky i got family support kan..because of work.. i have to send my kids there.. no other place to go.. kan kita no maid.. no time for me juga that day..everything in a hurry..

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