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Learning Phonics

Kindergartens are busy preparing their students to learn how to spell and write.. learning phonics to be exact.

Sean is busy learning phonics, his new school will give new story books for every semester so they have to make sure the pupils can read the books before the next semester and so on.  They have extra classes for those need more attention.   I don’t mind having Sean to the extra class if he need to because it will be difficult if they can’t spell when they go to primary school next year.

I can hear Sean practicing his phonics at home, i hope he can read soon.  He have been given books to read and more to come.. i guess its time to make rubber stamp of his name so its easier just use the stamp on his new books or his belonging so that it wont get mix up with others.

Nowadays he like to type.. i will write in a piece of paper mostly all the superheroes.. and he will type it on the computer.. and if he wants to type new name… i will say out loud.. but i don’t say the letter, i say the sound.. instead of ‘P’,‘M’, i will say ‘Peh’, ‘Meh’..  this will not only make him recognize the letter but the sound of the letter.  I just hope he can spell and read, i might encourage him to blog.

11 thoughts on “Learning Phonics”

  1. Skrang Amber belajar bahasa malaysia sudah di sikul dia ..well so far so good ..and im like you too shir ..hoping amber can read sudah by this year ..

  2. My major is Maths so when i was asked to teach English to small kids, i hesitated. I have no teaching phonics experience whatsoever. I dunno how on earth would i teach kids to read in English when their BM also tida berapa pass. And you know how they would get confused reading in BM and BI.

    Then, on one holiday trip with my SIL and family, I saw her guided her 4 yo daughter to read a story book in English. It’s just letting her recognize simple common words over and over. I tried that to my Year 1 kids and even Year 5 (who obviously have trouble reading in English) and boy it worked!

  3. wow chegu.. that must have been hard especially those sudah primary kan.. thank god ada teacher like you yang ada initiative to find solution on teaching method. Education nowadays are not easy.. the younger we start the better it will be.

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