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How To Get More Money?

Okay i have not just make you confused with this post.. but also feel like knocking my head on the wall.. why? because i have posted this earlier so when i go back to the list i thought i was in my draft list.. i accidentally deleted the post.. after i deleted.. i realized its my published list.. damm.

I was expressing how i felt after having no maid.. well she found out she is pregnant and can’t work anymore.. so i decided to send my children to school.  I send Sean to a new Kinder that just cost me rm980 for registration and fees.. and monthly fees RM400 for full day and another RM200 per semester .. that will be 3 semester per year.. phew.  You wonder why i am sending him there even though its expensive… i checked the school background from the internet and went there for inspection..cheh.. i even interview the teacher.. at the moment i am satisfied.. oh addition they have swimming lesson, I just hope its worth paying and hopefully Sean enjoy learning there.

While my soon to be 3 years old girl Chrissa have to go to nursery.. also full day..RM300.  I know its too early for her but i think its better for her to expose in the playschool rather than watch tv at home.

So there goes the money… Anybody have any idea how to get more money? lol.. tips please!

No turning back.. no planning.. just go ahead with positive thinking that everything will be alright.   I know that money is not everything but at this time every cent are valuable to everybody.  For now, I am just hanging on to my sponsor to get extra income… my one and only but its only for paid domain… at least i get back what i paid for… not really good at biding, tried, bid.. i stop.

I think i need to be creative… ‘think out of the box‘.. don’t be surprise to see i will be selling online soon.. and would love to have your support, guys.  Not sure what.. i might be selling earring or some girl stuffs in my other blog…. if i were a lanscaper i might be selling wall fountains..  see how it goes.

8 thoughts on “How To Get More Money?”

  1. Daniel: if only robbing a bank that easy, I’ll be d first in que, LOL….
    Hang on there sis, think positive, mana tau opportunity datang in few days or months time 😉

  2. Shir …not sure how to get more money ..doing business emmm it is tough with so many thing to set up but who knows kan ..ada oportunity go for it lah ..

  3. That good question.. how about internet money ? some people have do that, but more than just lying program.. after taked our money they give nothing to us.. i believe much program (internet money) very interesting for get earn money just rigth chooice for that .. thanks

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