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    Welcome Back Aqua!

    We have an aquarium but when my hubby went back to KL last year and we thought we will follow suit .. we gave it away to our parents.  My husband have been thinking to get the aqua back from my parents..well mum doesn’t like to clean the aqua so she gladly wants us to get it.

    He got the aquarium last week..so after attending the sunday mass in Sacred Heart Church, we went to a fish shop near our housing area in Penampang.

    My husband wanted to buy angelfish.. haiya dont remember the name.. but its not easy to maintain..furthermore, i scared my kids will disturb it.. so he considering cheaper fish.

    Everybody having problem to decide what type of fish they want.

    ‘Come on Chrissa.. you decide’… Sean asked her sister…

    Its either this…

    or this type…

    or this cute pupplish fish…

    well we ended up.. buying nothing… kids dissapointed… back home while they were sleeping.. daddy bought fishes and come… taaraa.. 10 different type of fish..and it cost.. rm30.00

    Picture inside the aquarium.. other fishes were hiding…

    I enjoy looking at my kids when they saw the fishes… now school holiday.. they just stay at home with the maid.. so whenever i said.. ‘we are going out’.. they look so happy… and when i asked my daughter whether she wants to go to school next year or stay at home with kak fina… her replied ‘no.. i dont want school and i dont want kakak fina’… so where do you want to stay.. ‘ ‘i want mummy’.. I feel so happy that she wanted me to be with her.. i wish i can do home business so that i can look after them and have income at the same time… sigh.. but i guess i am unable to that at this state of time.

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    Transform Your Thoughts And Feelings

    I would love to share with you an articles from New Strait Times dated December 2, 2008,  The Inner Growth Column by Bridget Menezes, author of Self-Empowerment.  This is what she said on how to transform our thoughts and feelings :


    It is not always easy to identify the origin of illness although we are becoming more adept at doing so these days.

    In the same way, it has not always been easy to understand why one individual suddenly becomes crazy and commits acts of violence.

    We need to examine our hearts and thoughts to see whether there are traces of negativity. When we begin to transform our thoughts and feelings, we are in effect, transforming global consciousness.

    As we rid ourselves of desire, greed, ego and envy, we will have positive effect on mankind.  Even thought there may be weaknesses within us, the healing process is gradually taking place.

    The only way to break the chain of selfishness is to reach out to others, regardless of gain.  Open your heart and life to opportunities.  The laws of the universe are fixed principles, and when you give, you are bound to receive.


    Those days, especially when i was a teenager i easily fall sick, but when i grow older and wiser, i noticed that my sickness was from my heart and my thought.  I was young and i have hatred towards somebody i trust, love and i depend to.  When you are a teenager, you thought you know everything but you don’t, maybe its easier to get noticed if you are sick or get into trouble.

    The anger control my heart.. i could not breath, pain in my chess but its actually my feeling.  Anger in my heart control my mind.. sending message to my whole body..  makes me numb.. cause me to faint..without reason… sometimes i let my anger our.. but expressing it to wrong people..make it even worse.  My thought and heart were full of  anger, ego, envy .. negatives are all over me but thank God i managed to get rid of it.. its a lie if its all gone.. i am human but at least i know how to get rid of it and slowly i becoming a better person.

    I am not saying i am perfect… i am trying with God’s help to be channel of his love.. be a better person.  I still get stressed, sicked, angry but in many ways God let me have all those feeling because God loves each and everyone of us.  You can get any vacation rentals if you have money to do that but prayer is important.

    Asked for God’s forgiveness,  trust yourself, you can transform your thoughts and feelings into positive direction with Gods help.  Avoid listening or making gossip..instead give opinion or advice, sometimes people mix up with gossip as a story.

    Let yourself be the channel of God’s love.. peace on earth!

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    Mummies Wear Black!

    Remember my post about my ‘home alone’?… helping my friend’s whom have been arranging her parents anniversary… me and my best friend, fele were the one helping to do the list etc… we helped where ever we can.. just a favour… no big deal… we had fun..

    So last friday.. we were on duty to be at the reception for the anniversary.. they did it in STAR.. me and fele.. wanted to look good… we did our makeup at her house.. as usual we helped each other with the makeup.. it would have been great if our other best friend Cay was there… we missed her!!!  Cay.. December ah.. we dine out.. hopefully this time Colette can join us.

    We decided to wear black on the occasion, why? because we don’t consume Lipozene for diet.. we have fats everywhere..but we want to look sexy and glamour at the same time… black can cover it all!

    Okay.. taking our picture…  we don’t usually put heavy makeup like this… when we arrived in STAR.. we can’t stop talking about how we look.. we have been friends for so long.. we give our honest opinion.. we even criticized  each other… thats what the different between friend and best friend... lol… we give comment straight on the face.. wether you like it or not… grrr..

    posting with other helpers… lol..my ex colleagues.. Helen, Carolyn and Juvina…getting ready for the guests to arrive.

    The mummies were out… daddies at home taking care of the kids.. yihaa!! thank you!!

    Most of the guest arrive wearing black dress, .. with glitters.. labucci.. you name it… most were VIP.. it sure was a glamourous event!  Next time you want to attend dinner .. you want to look good , sexy and comfortable.. just wear BLACK!.. it covers your figure!