Life is a beautiful journey!

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Family Personal usinku

Teenage Again!

I was at my parents’ since Saturday morning.. having had my niece and my cousin have make my life easier.. lol..  These two teenage girls have been a great helper to me on Saturday, i had fever an really need a rest… while i was sleeping… they cooked and took care of my kids. At …

Beauty Personal usinku

Body To Die For

I am sure.. my husband sure will look at this pretty babe’ instead of me.. if this girl walk in front of him… well its normal.. i wont stop him anyway.. lol.. this is a body to die for.  I would love to have this figure but .. sitting down whole day in the office …

Family Update from Adelaide usinku

Its December..Yihaa!!

Yihaa.. its December.. a great month of the year.. everybody excited.. Christmas coming.. .. .. holidays! So many family members celebrating birthday this month… i can’t really remember the date but there are…trengg.. teng ..teng.. My lovely niece turn 2 years old last week and my only sister in law Doreen @ mummy yin… i …