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    Short Meeting With Mel

    I wanted to save this post after last meet…but we never met again… Mel and the kids were so busy after balik kampung… so its the first and only time we meet.. oh.. we met in twice in short time and that was when Mel and family landed in Sabah 4 weeks ago.

    When she came, i was busy helping a friend’s parents’ anniversary.. remember.. i was doing the RSVP.. so many people calling me ‘regret’.. or .. ‘thanx for the invitation i will see you there’..thingy… so that night Mel arrived.. she left a voice message .. “Hi Shirl,.. this is mel.. i will call you tomorrow” (nice voice with the slang) but i not surprised… thinking this might be one of the invitees… i checked the list… but unable to find any name.. with mel..before or after .. mmm she will call me back i thought.

    I was in the office when my hp rang… “Hi Shirl, this is mel…  sya baru sampai”… then i remember.. Mel from Melbourne… unfortunately i cannot take leave that week.. but only that week her family will be in KK after that in Keningau..  We can’t wait to meet…. we decided to meet the next day… . i waited for my hubby to come back from work.. we wanted to meet in Centre Point with the whole family but her kids were tired and sleeping in the hotel… so only Mel had to do her shopping in CP.. once i reached CP.. we called.. actually Mel i dont recognized you… but of course its easy to spot a mummy with two familiar kids… lol.. we talked… and send her to her hotel.

    Not the right time.. lol.. because of the noise, kids cant really sleep.. but lucky her husband manage to get better room… we helped shift room… but Annika and Aaron were so wonderful, two lovely kids… easy to get along with.. first time we met i didn’t took any photo.

    Before Mel and her family went back to Keningau for a long holiday, we met again.. another short meeting.. here are the pics… no need to take diet pills if you have kids.. kan Mel.. they keep us running around.

    the mummy and our daughters…

    loving and friendly Aaron, he is so smart and talkative.. i love this boy..

    My Sean and  Annika…we wanted to take photo of Chrissa and Aaron but both are talkative and actively walking around..

    Sorry Mel we didn’t get the chance to meet before you go back to Melbourne… but i glad we met even in a short while.. love you guys, God Bless!!

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    The Visit From My Late Grandpa

    Do you believe in ghost or spirit? I am not actually into it but there are times i do feel the presence, you cannot see but you know there is somebody or something near you. I write this because there is something weird happened on Saturday night.

    Last Saturday, 20th Dec, i was having dinner with my kids, I was sitting in between my children, Sean was besides me while Chrissa facing the other side. While we were eating, i feel something.. like a breeze.. at the back of me.. and at this time Chrissa hugs and whispered to me.. i didnt really catch what she was saying .. She closed her eyes and held me tight. Sean keeping quite but still eating.. unsatisfied.. i asked sean ‘Sean do you see anybody here?’… Sean jump from his chair.. ‘mummy, mummy.. dont say anything’.. ‘i want to watch tv’ . by then I feel the presence, whatever it is or whoever the person is.. he or she might be standing at the back of me and sean. I asked them if its uncle or auntie.. ugly or nice.. Chrissa said.. like angel.. okay.. can i take a 2 years old word on that?

    Chrissa still hugging me with her eyes closed… we moved to the living area, i swith on the tv…my mother used to tell me if you feel a presence of somebody or whatever.. just tell it to go away nicely.. well i did.. i said..’hello siapa tu.. jangan kacau sean sama shasha okay.. bagus2lah kau jalan ah.. dorang kuai ni’… translate..(hello who is that.. please dont disturb sean and chrissa.. just go ..they are nice kids’) After a while Sean and Chrissa playing again.

    After i cleared the dining table and wash everything, i still not satisfied.. i know whoever the spirit was.. i know i know him or she very well… in my mind was my late mother in law.. i took her picture with a picture of jesus in front… ‘Chrissa, is this the one came just know’?, ‘no, itu jesus’ said Chrissa… ‘not this one’ i told.. ‘this one’….. ‘no, itu grandma’.. okay confirm not her. I wanted to tell my mother whats happening.. because its so weird but interesting at the same time.

    The next day, on Sunday we went to my mother’s home .. before i told her what happened… she asked me if i remember my late grandpa’s birthday (her father) that was yesterday.. on Saturday. Without saying anything.. i burst into tears… i cried out loud.. ‘I should have known it.. it was him’.. i told my mum the whole story …

    I was closed to my late grandpa… he passed away in the year 2000.. me, my cousin and my auntie was next to him when he passed away.. he died in front of us… oh grandpa, Mr. Charles Tony Insing .. i missed you sooo much.. i couldn’t stop this tears … how i wish you were still here… i you were here still.. we would be going to so many places, stay at sis’s place in Labuan, Donald’s place in KL, staying in resort and hotel with the family..hotel in las vegas would be impossible but you might be in Adelaide with bro.. wah.. it should have been fun.. it always being great having you…

    Oh grandpa… i will continue praying for you.. i hope you will have a good place.. in heaven.. I love you.. thank you for visiting my family… i love you!

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    What I Want For Christmas

    I am on holiday mood.. but not yet for Christmas mood.. maybe after confession i will feel the Christmas spirit.

    Christmas is just around the corner… everybody thinking of what to gift for their kids, what clothes to wear… and here I am still thinking where to send Sean to school, should i send my daughter to playschool or leave her with the maid at home… thinking about my brother abroad.. haiya.. so many things in my head.. I need to relax a little bit.. or else i will get my migraine again.

    Anyway… Santa if you reading this.. all i want for Christmas is this fitness equipment .. i need to exercise and get in shape!